22 October 2012

Dear Diary - part 7


really really short post .. 

Guys ! Mimi Razmierra is hunting for my blog .. haha! 

MIMI RAZMIERRA !! kalau sudah jumpa , kasih tinggal tapak kaki di sini okey ? i will not post anything until you found it. hehe. good luck ! :)

* some kind of ' i-don't-know game .. haha! *

17 October 2012

Dear Diary - part 6


wow! hi there again ! didn't see you just now. ( bla , what is this ? stupid ! ) so guys ! yesterday , i forgot to post something here. ( tida dapat curi wi-fi )


just now , we have History paper-3 .. i know it was an open book test. tapi exam ini sangat menyeksa tangan saya !! >.<! panjang-panjang konon mau tulis, tapi markah seciput. lepas tu, empat soalan terakhir mau kena fikir sendiri. hahaha! i am really not interesting to give any suggestion how to improve this *tuuuttt*. ( prohibited ) okay ! but the thing that i like about is, it will help us to get mark easily and past the history exam. okay , I LOVE MALAYSIA !

so from now on, history is not my killer subject again. the reason that i never past history subject before this is because my memory is low. ( otak bengong, kepala full, sekejap lupa fakta ) haha! the thing that i really need to take care of is " Chemistry ". yes ! that is my killer subject now. this is because i don't know how to make the chemical equation. no matter how hard our chemistry teacher teach me, i still don't get it. i still like " errrrrrrrrrr , again ? " like that.

hahahahahahahaha ! chemistry !! you really are make my age shorten. we also take chemistry paper-3 today and i was like " what is this ? " i know nothing. haha. you know what , i create my own stupid experiment. i had no idea at all !  i bet teacher will laugh to see my answer. haha , shame on me.

so , to release my frustated , i sing a lot just now at music room. hahahha.. i know that my voice is not pretty much nice , but i can't sit there and be quiet. i must do something. when i think it back , i know that there is someone that think i'm annoying. i didn't sit properly and keep moving. haha. i don't care. as long as i can release my tension. my friends !! they all sing loudly and i was so enjoy watching they sing like they forgot that many pupils are around them. haha , they are funny ! :)
thanks friend for making me laugh a lot today.

15 October 2012

Dear Diary - part 5


Guys ! just now i just face another exam that really make me out of mood. hehe. but it was my fault actually. i didn't look my book at all last night. actually i want to but my dad bring us to have a dinner at KFC last night. i cannot refuse it. i really wanted to go too! or not , my little brother will only make me jealous. 

one the way, i already decide to study after we came back home later. arrived there, i saw some of my school students and saw my classmate, Mimi Razmierra. i thought that she saw me but in fact, it is not. haha! in the KFC restaurant ( is it restaurant ? ) , there was a birthday party and there children was to noisy, annoying and everything that make you GODLESS !! but still i enjoy my food because of my hungry-ness .. although they were too noisy, but i still think that they are funny and laugh every time i saw they doing something that weird and weirdo .. you know children , always having fun as long as they around with their friends.. and i was like that too when i was in their age.

so! after taking my dinner, we directly go back home. remember that i said i want to study? i'm not doing it. buduh kan ? i was too full and i feel sleepy. i admit that, that time i still didn't take a bath. so i push my self to take a bath and i feel a little bit fresh. so i go downstair. BUT! my father was watching tv at that time ( around 9 ). i look at the clock and say " it's still early, maybe i can use a few time to watch this movie too. it look interesting." but actually it is not. 

not longer that that, my mother arrived at home ( around 9.30 ) and called us to opened the door. that time i already felt a little bit sleepy. PLUS ! my mother bought a lot of food and most of it was my favorite. apa lagi , makan punya makan, lama-lama mengantuk ! and what do you think i do after that ? of course la SLEEPING !! 

see? i did not have a chance to take a look at my book neither. the truth is, i have it. it just me that didn't use the chance well. so today in the morning, i woke a little bit early than before to do my short-revision. Thank God that i still can remember a little bit that i read. but yet , i still can't answer most of  the question. The moral value is, don't make something last minute. Don't let lazy control your self! and believe me, if you still let it control you, you will be regret like me. hahahahahahahha!

By the way , today is the last day for our PMR candidate to take their paper right ? Congratulation to them then. i hope that you all will get an excellent achievements .. :) Don't plan to have a honeymoon first, because after this you will have another big and the BIGGEST exam that will sow your future. please remember that. Don't be like me .. ( err, actually. nobody wants to be like me. ahha xD )

so long peeps! mau belajar dulu ! ( kunun la , padahal tidur )

14 October 2012

Dear Diary - part 4

Hey ..

just found out that the person that i really love block me on facebook .. it's hurt but i pretend to him and say ' its okay ' .. it seems like nothing is going to change .. :'(

and the other one , the person that i ever like before this still using the same profile picture with his girlfriend .. when will he change it ? it hurts my eyes .. By the way , i hope that you are happy with her then .. :)

Aja! Aja! Bbasyah! <-- i need to say like this to cheer me up .. well , study go first.. ^^

12 October 2012

Dear Diary - part 3


So , hello guys ! long time no post something here. i just can spent a little time with bloggie today, so it will be short.. okay , before that .. how are you all ? im pretty sure that you all will be fine. well , okay then ! candy for ya !! ^^ im kind right ? ( kunun )

ouhyaa , did you saw that chocolate icon on the right ? that icon is no longer useless. i already deactivate my facebook account because of some reason that i really can't avoid. so before something bad happen, i make a decision to deactivated it. no need to know la what is the reason. hehe .. ouhyaa , another information. actually this is my forth post but last week when im typing , suddenly the cat jump on my keyboard and delete all the words that i already type. OMG ! suddenly i throw the cat. buduh me. well , this is me. someone that easily be out of control .. hehe , okay next subject !

so , as we know. the PMR candidate is now struggling to answer their exam paper. it's been a week and they still have to answer two more paper next week. i'm sorry if im late but, " ALL THE BEST " from me. forget bout your love story and concentrate with your study please. you still can find love after this. so , be serious with you big exam. ( hehe , just a little bit advise here to my little borther and sister out there )

talking about exam , we too taking an exam paper with the PMR candidate. i thought that we will have an holiday during this PMR , but it is not ! we also have to go to school to do exactly what the Form 3 doing. sit in front f your desk and push your brain to think the answer. sometimes it feels like shit when you can't answer anything although you have think it hard. maybe it is too my fault because im not taking serious in study and im not doing my best at all. i know i'm gonna regret this but it's too late already. i can't do anything anymore. miahaha , fool Pinnie. i don't know why i still can't change! remember that i told you that i want to change ? that i don't want to do things on last minute ? it was all a lie ! actually , i do it before but not longer than that, i continue my old attitude. it seems like it is hard to remove it from my self.

well , i don't know if i can change next year because im going to take a really really big exam. an exam that will show my future. i hope that i really can change. 

21 September 2012

Dear Diary - part 2


to my fellow friends. did you saw that picture above ? just imagine that my face is like that now. just replace the girl with me. YES ! i'm so stress right now. why ? because, i had many assignment to do ! ( chewah , macam pelajar college saja kan ? ) but this is in real life ! no matter you are in primary school , high school or collage , you still being called a student right ? so , let just imagine i am a collage student >.< ( mengada-ngada la pula ~.~ ) okay ,  lets straight to the point !

first : i am a high school student. 

second : i got many assignment to do. 

third : i can't manage my time to do all the assignment. 

forth : the teacher want that assignment immediately. 

fifth : the final exam is near. 

sixth : i don't have much time to revision because of that assignment yang terlampau banyak !!

seventh : all this stuff make me crazy

eighth : if i'm going crazy , there is no more normal Pinnie in this world again !! huhu ~.~

okay , that's all from me today .. thank you for :)

p/s:: don't forget to read my ' About Me ' .. thank you :)

17 September 2012

Dear Diary - part 1

HELLO-SKI all !! :)

hey guys, here i come again after a few days - wait! few days , few weeks or few months since i let this blog empty ? okay , okay. for me, this web is to tell and let everyone know something that happen to me. - several only - okay ! let's start my first online diary.

as what you see, i upgrade i little bit of my blog just now to let my eyes didn't hurt to look at a messy blog . so , whosoever that read my blog now, don't forget to follow me okay ? it was an easy step. look at your right, did you saw ' Join this site '  - the blue one ? yes , that button ! please click it. i'm begging !! ~.~ <-- joke ! it is up to you actually. you don't want ? okay , i'm okay with it .. you hate being directed ? Leave this page then, thank you ! :) 

that's the first one. the second is... last Sunday, i attend a big camping with some others of my friends at this place called Dantai, which has no network coverage. okay, not forget also my secret ' meow ' was also there joining us. ooopsss !! i didn't mean anything. i just excited because he's joining too and always make the situation cheerful with his crazy joke. although like that, i also hate him at the same time. why ? because, he less talk to me. second, i only heard he's doing joke with the others. third, he never mentioned my name at all. ( pinnie , sedar sikit. you are nothing to that person ) ouhyaa, okay. but at least, he's also my friend. okay, talking about him. i realized that he was a smart person. the reason i said like that is because I was his partner who participated in the event to measure the distance of coconut tree. in this activities, mathematic must be use. so, you must master your math! actually, im not the one to be his partner but because of his partner was late to be there and our group should to be canceled, i have to accompanied him. and you know what ? saya tidak hafal sifir !! OMG! what a shame. he's younger than me but his brain is older than me. did you get what i mean ? yes, i was really shame that time but because of we cannot waste the time, i pretend that i am not ashamed at all. but at the same time, i was very impressed with him. crazy right ? but also i realized that our relation cannot be more that friends ! ( okay, i get it ! c: ) so , this is just everything that i know about him in this two days. so , the time when i stuck with him, i was really want to be his closer one ! ^^

so , let's start my third story for today. it was also at the same place but other person. although i said that there was no network coverage there but sometimes i still can get messages. and that Sunday night, i didn't look at my phone because i know that no one will text me. in about 11.30 , my heart was moved to see my cellphone. and how shocking i am to see that someone that i never expected will text me. it was marshmellow - the one who i told you before. yes ! it was him. i really never expected that he will text me because at school, we never looked into the eyes or talked even for 1 minute ! OMG ! what is in his mind to suddenly text me ? ( kunun nh ) the message was 30 minute before i receive it. with an excited plus disappointed feeling i reply that message. i thought that he's already taking a nap but he reply it back. Oh My Gosh !! My heart was flowering. hahahaha! the thing that i feel funny is because he text me just to know that Monday is holiday or not. but i still wondering if he was telling the truth or not. because how can he didn't know the date of holiday ? when i told my friend about it, she said that he maybe lying and pretend to ask something nonsense. because based on what he wrote, it was like he's trying to say something to me. but maybe he lost his desire because i late reply it. ( apa yang saya cakap ni ? ) well, although it was only three messages but i still feel happy and i still keep smiling when i remember it back. and OMG ! it was going to be awkward if we met at school tomorrow. hopefully not. haha !

so , i've been write many but not too many story here. and know i was out of idea what to write her. so maybe it's going to be an end. last but not least, you have no right to judge me. this is my life and it is my decision who should i like and hate. thank you for understanding this situation. that's all from me today. 안녕! 

p/s:: Don't forget to read ' About Me ' .. thank you :)

22 July 2012

you are my ECSTACY !


hello everbody ! abandoned blog ? yeah, thats mine. aiyoyoh, just felt a little bit lazy to post something here. to tell about my story life. but now ! yeah, i really got that mood. okay, i'm going to tell you that now i am taking drug ! haha! joke only. >.< i mean here, this someone is just like an ECSTACY for me ( drug ). yeah, yesterday i saw him. okay, don't know what's make me really excited but i think i really addicted to you ! 
this is so ridiculous ! how can i replace him as a drug ? lol.

 okay, still yet you never looked at me. im okay with that. i can't say i want to be your secret admire because you already knew it right ? haha! okay, first of all i was really shame that you already knew it. but when i think it back, you must not care right ? its okay, i want to be forever young ! stay single may be boring but at the same time it was really fun ! :) trust me.

- marshmellow -

21 July 2012

Forever Young ! :)

Yeah ! Forever young ! I wanna be forever young :)


what the hell i am talking about ? hehe >.< yeah ! let us all be forever young okay ? Don't let the LOVE really control your life until you yourself can't control it. that is really dangerous. because, it can kill yourself. hey, we are forever young right ? so, don't be so stress about love. there's still many out there that really love you. Don't worry okay ? Please smile ! :)

26 June 2012

well , i can't give up on you !!


Okay , just got back from school. now on 6.26 PM. i got a full re-ha-sel for our 3 in 1 celebration tomorrow. " Pergi berhantar, datang bersambut " for our old and new principle, " Hari Guru " for our teacher's and " Hari Ulang Tahun Sekolah " for our school's reunion. really sucks right ? our school always do any activities on last minute and always makes us murky and doing things on last minute was really not my like. before this yes ! but now, i really hate that stuff. because it can ruin my day just because i need to think what to do. our class had planned to make something on this celebration but i don't know why that we never discuss about it. once i heard to make a ' Choral speaking ' but they canceled it because they don't like because they want to make something interested than that. so, they decided to make a ' Choir '. Our song is Laskar Pelangi. you know that song ? yaa, that song is a slow song and i really LOVE it ! 

 please enjoy this song ! turn off the SCM music player first.

okay, stop talking about that thing. I want to talk about this someone that i really love. i love him but he don't know that i keep that feeling to him. When i know that he had a special girlfriend, i was a little bit upset and i try to forget him, try to not to think about him and try to avoid my self from meeting him. actually i don't like to do things like this but i think this is the best way so that i can throw this STUPID feeling that he will never know i kept it silently. okay, it hurts a lot to forget someone that you love. :'(

Just now, i checked his facebook account and i saw he post something weirdly. 
" Don't make time to people who don't make time for you "
actually, i don't know to whom he dedicated this sentence but i really got a BIG feeling that it was dedicated for me. Yes ! i know it was for me. ( maybe ) wow, hurts again. before this, we're actually a closed and very closed friend ! this friend relationship make me want to change our status from friend to " ******* " [ arh ! crazy ] he too always treat me like he has the same feeling like me too. yaa, he treat me like that. when we text, he always talk some cute stuff and it's really make me want to melt like and ice. My heart was always like flowering every time i saw him. yuck ! Gete la saya. >.< but this is the truth ! Just in cast i want you to know that i feel like i'm being played by you . suddenly we didn't be closed again and shock-ly ! when i knew that you were taken. okay, like i told you before this. i was trying to avoid my self from him. and every time i look at him and he look at me again, i quickly throw my eyes to others place and every time he talks to me, i didn't replied and make something stupid in front of him ! Sorry la kalau ko terasa dengan perbuatan saya but maybe this is the best way to us.

I treat him like that everyday. siapa suruh , orang sakit hati kan . :( it's okay la if you also don't want to look at me again. i didn't say i don't care but i just can't do anything. i am nothing to you, so what the hell i am to control your life right ? saya tiada hak langsung terhadap diri kau. okay bye ! :)

p/s: Oh My English !

23 June 2012

- be patient ANGLE ! -


First of all , i want to say sorry because i use bad words before this. i am really sorry. i just can't control my self to say such a thing. i just feel like this world was rally unfair ! :'( urm , no need to know la because of what. talking about love give me nothing. i don't care who they want to fall in love with , i give up.

 but there's someone that i really admire about. ( it's a girl , not boy ) for me , she's really perfect. Got pretty face, cute, clever and everything that i don't have , have in her . now , i know that she's in pain. maybe i am a busy body but i really interested in their love story . before i post something on my blog , i go to her blog first. and when i read her entry , it give me an inspiration to post something on my blog. her language was really good and i am so touched with her sad story. i don't want to mentioned who the person is. let it be secret. i don't want anyone know that i'm admiring her. the reason why i am so admiring with her is because she was a strong person. no matter how hurt she is , she always have to be strong in front of anyone else. she did not want to show her sadness to anyone because she don't want to tells that actually she was very week . 

WOW ! awesome ! my hero , can you please tell me how did you do that ? that was the hard thing to do when i hurt. every time i hurt , i must tell someone so that my burden feels a little bit light. but for you, it was just an easy thing to do. i know that it is hard for you too. but the problems that you face was a BIG problems to me and now you still can say ' im okay & im fine ' . Angle , the boy that make you hurt everyday is really blind. he suppose have to feel gratefully that he have own you. but how STUPID he is to leave you and together with someone that got no any of your characteristic. yes angle , he was really stupid for me. hey , you are an angle for me. angle didn't cry kan ? so don't be sad okay ? I know there's someone that one thousand times better than him. i know one day, someone new will make you happy forever. Please don't give up my angle ! i will always give you a support. although if you didn't know. >.<

p/s: Oh My English ! ~.~

I can't believe !


arrrrrhhhhh !! This world is just like a disaster to me !
u leave the PRETTY one and u go to the UGLY one !!
arh ! i can't believe it ! ee , ~.~
lagipun , i thought you got no girlfriend at all ~.~
same as the other one ouh . ~.~ 
give me hope only but didn't want to tell the truth ! 
world is unfair . :'( 
sorry , I LOVE YOU !!!!!

a b C d E f g h i j k l m N O p q r s t u v w x y z !!

P/S: teka-teki

12 June 2012


Hello-ski ! yeah ! i've got a new word already. This word ( Hello-ski ) i got from Fred 2 movie. Already watch it ? i know the movie was stupid but i like to see Fred stupid-ness. why ? because i never saw a stupid person like him. by the way, i'm Fred fan ! haha xD ( weirdo )

Okay, honestly. i'm being reject by someone. someone that i like and i was really sad! i feel like , haha . nothing. okay, fine. its okay if you choose someone else. i don't care. NO ! i really care, but its your decision. so, be it. haha! don't want to friend you anymore. because you jahat, cruel. didn't tell me that you already have girlfriend and you just let me like you. baru saya tau kau JAHAT ! 
naa kan , nasib saya tidak mentioned nama kau di sini.

haha! me also jahat bah if you want to know. himh, although i hate you or dislike you, i still searching for you everyday. no matter you saw me or not, i still felt happy that i can see you. although you are taken by others. i know i never told you that i had a feeling to you. i just don't want you to know and i don't want to take the first step. i just wanted you to know it by yourself. but, i know you never knew about it.

NO ! i didn't sad. not at all. maybe a little bit, but it was not really hurt and not hurt at all. haha. hey, you are so handsome. your girlfriend was so pretty. i admit, im ugly and yours pretty. pretty than any other girl in this world maybe. that's why you choose her right ? bla bla bla. ( sakit hati sendiri ) xD

Stop talking about you already, make me hurt only. GUYS ! you always find or search someone pretty only. in this case, i feel my self down. i'm ugly. - black, got many pimple, got no talent and short -
okay , SINGLE is better. you don't need to take care of others heart. I LOVE YOU SINGLE ! mwah ! xD

p/s:: Oh My English !!! 

08 June 2012

Annoying attitude .. - me -

Yesterday , im having a walk with my friend ?
( Dunno what to call him , friend or brother ? )
sementara berjalan-jalan, he said ' napa bh gaya ko nh ? manja betul '
aie ? sejak bila saya ada gaya begitu ? astga , nda saya sedar bah saya ada gaya manja. then i answered " maybe because i am the one and only girl in my sibblings "
haha , stupid answer pula ouh kn ? while we were in a supermarket, anything that i hold must fall.
maksud saya , teda barang-barang yang tidak jatuh kalau saya pegang.
kena marah lagi , " ish ! jangan lagi pegang ! nanti kalau jatuh, saya yang bayar , bukan kau ! "
okay-okay, tidak pegang lagi bah.

erm , hati saya pun tertanya-tanya. kenapa pula dia mau bayar kan ? saya yang kasih jatuh, saya la bah yang bayar. himh , okay . honestly. feel awkward and got strange feeling.
himh , please throw this feeling !

02 June 2012

Blessed Sabbath with Cousin !

 Happy Sabbath to all the Seventh-Day Adventist! Today, I have a nice Sabbath with all my lovely cousin. Not all of them were here at kampong but never mind, I’m just hoping if they all were here. This is some of my cousin that I hang with today.
This is Sherra a.k.a Pinky. She’s 16 years old like me.
This is Cecelia Jaisin. She is the one that I told was studying at US .

There’s still many of my cousin but I didn’t have a chance to take it. Haha! xD
Okay , without wasting time. Here are the video that my mom took for me while I’m singing in front of the church.

( sila pastikan SCM music player sudah di matikan dan pastikan anda menterbalikkan kepala anda untuk melihat video ini. Terima kasih )

The sound quality was not really good because my mom use my Samsung Corby II to record it. I didn’t say the phone was not good but only the sound quality. Huh ~.~ ( ayat tunggang tebalik )
You enjoy it ? haha! I was so nervous when I stand in front and I can’t stop shaking. Okay , stop talking about me. There’s still 3 special song, but my mom record it using a camera and I don’t know if she already transferred it to the laptop or not. I post it another time okay ?
After church, I hang with my cousin at home and share many story together. We always laugh , laugh, and laugh. Wow! My stomach was really hurt. I just can’t stop laughing when they told us funny story.

me with the naughty little cousin.

In the evening, we cleaned  the house because the closing Sabbath was held at grandma house a.k.a we celebrate her birthday party and mother’s day for my grandma.
Here are some of the picture.


They not so many, but I still enjoy it. many of them was my cousin. Maybe all of them I can say as my cousin. Haha! Live with cousin that I really don’t know. After the closing Sabbath done, suddenly its rain and it was really sad because we can’t celebrate the party like we thought. But never mind, nasib ada bawah kulung juga. Hehe >.<
Happy mother’s day Grandma ! and what’s make the party become more sad, its black out ! sudahlah hujan, teda current lg. haish! Can’t take more picture, got no flash on my phone. So, makan only guna lilin saja. What the ……. Nevermind.

01 June 2012

TWO choices ? choose ONE only !

Good morning ! J So today is Friday. The seven day of school holiday. Himh, for the last 6 days. What have you done ? me, I do nothing . stuck at home and being crazy alone, read some novel. Yeaah, sucks ! hehe >.< Himh, yesterday. My friend told me that our church will organize an Ambassador camping. I was really excited when I hear about that camping because it was the first Ambassador camping.

But at the same time, my mother told us that we will going back to our village. ARGH ! Sad again . L why there is always have two choices ? I hate this situation. If I didn’t go to kampong, then I can’t meet my cousin that study at US. If I didn’t join the camp, I will miss the best activities. Yuck! I hate choices ! so, I decided to meet my cousin. I hope there still another Ambassador camping next time.

Okay, done packing. Its time to go! On my way to car, I receive a text message from .. OMG ! can’t believe that number will come to my phone again. He said, “ please meet me. I already buy you a chocolate. Please take it. Susah-susah ja saya beli kalau tidak kena ambil “ WHAT ? chocolate ! I love chocolate ! I ask my mother if she could sent me there to take it and my mother agree. YES ! I’ve got two reason why I’m happy. First, because I can meet him again. Second, I can eat chocolate from him. ( itu pun mau happy. Ish pelik )

so , this is my sad+happy face. Jaja. The Domo is tebalik liao.

arrive at his house, take the chocolate, chat with him for a while and have to go. My mother said 10 second window. Himh, so sorry. I can’t be long. Shake hands, say thank you then go. It was Dark Chocolate and it taste very sweet and delicious ! thank you very much ! I LOVE it ! >.< I eat it alone ! I know it was so sweet but because it was a gift, so I don’t want to share it with others. Haha! How greedy I am. >.<
 Don’t look at my face, ugly. Haha! And again , thank you. I was so full that time. I eat a lot along the way. Chocolate + Pringles + Kebab + Milky tea . Wow! Be ready world! I’ll be a fat-fatty girl ! hahaha!

Bla bla bla, didn’t realize arrive already. Ouch ! my butt was really hurt. Sit on the car for a few hours. I saw my grandma watching TV. She open the door and hug me. Hehe, miss you grandma. The others just arrive from planting the rubber tree at ‘ bukit ‘. I saw their tired face. Let them take a rest and I watch TV. Hehe, got no astro at home. >.<

I wait, wait and wait. All my cousin has arrive. SHOCK ! my cousin from Kota Marudu being bigger again. Himh, what did she it at US ? never mind, what’s important I can meet her again. Okay ! so its Sabbath night . himh, my uncle said. We have to prepare 5 special songs for tomorrow. But how can we search that five song ? we only laugh , laugh and laugh. This is us when we meet. Many story to be told. Haha! While we practicing our song. I take my little cousin picture. Look, they are so cute !
This is ( I don’t know how spell her name ) A-zie
This is Aaron
Both 6 and 5 years old respectively. Cute right ? But they are so naughty. Sometime, we can’t control them. Haha! Its hard to take care of them. So, my story ends here. Before that , I want to show you Sampalao picture .

Like Baboon right ? hahaha! He’s 16. Same as me.
NIGHT peeps ! ^^

30 May 2012

i have to .. :'(

  whow ! what is this ? what happen outside until i cant go out ? huh , -.- its happen again. love hurt me once again. yes ! im trying to keep it safe from broken but i just cant ! im not strong enough to face this hurt. i have to let it go. look at the picture. if i were strong enough , i would use all my energy to run as fast as possible to catch that ' thing ' but i just cant. something hold onto me. i feel like someone told me to just let it go. you know how much it hurt to leave someone that you really love right ? that how i feel. ~.~ i've lost it just now . uuuurrrwwwaaa !! i think i want to cry a lot ! :'( i realize that i cant catch it back. i want it came to me by itself. i dont want to find it anymore. i want it find me. :|

 boy , i know you hurt too . i feel so sorry to you. but i think you've made a right decision. you are too good, too nice and too kind for a person who is too cruel for you. i admit i still love you and will always love you ! but i know you not feel the same as i am. its okay. not longer than now , pandai la juga saya terima kenyataan . i just need to say that im so sorry for all the mistake that i have done to you. i hope you can accept my apologize.

Pinnie ! dont cry please . :( huh, tears really cant stop flowing from my eyes. ( habis la air mata ) haha xD Pinnie , listen. you have to be brave, you have to be stronger. Please accept what have you done. This was all your fault. so you dont have to regret for it. You are the one who make this happen, why should you cry for ? just accept this. all you have to do is be brave be strong. always smile and continue your life. just think that its never happen at all. - BE STRONG ! -

29 May 2012

i have to face it !

today i had an opportunity to update my blog. this blog is abandoned already. poor bloggie ~.~
sorry to say, i have no mood to post something here. even i have time to online but i really lazy to update even enter my blog. what type of blogger oo me ? -.- fine, after a lot of days facing many problems. today i have to shout it here. before that i need to say thank you to our technology for giving us an online diary which we can express our feeling and our burden.

there is so much happen to me on this may. my 2012 teenage life is full about love. huh , love come anytime and anywhere. and this love really make me a little bit confuse and tidak tentu arah. saya sedar perubahan diri saya sekarang. now i like to sit alone and if i may i dont want to talk to anybody else. love really makes me hurt. sometimes i think i want to be a ' single lady ' but i dont know why. i just cant ! i dont want to leave someone or anything. let them leave me. 

haha! dont you think that it is funny ? love really makes me hurt but i dont know why i dont want to leave that ' thing '. my life is incomplete without it. now a days, we always arguing even about a small thing. i was really sad when he mad at me like im the one who is always wrong. sometimes he the one who start it first but he never admit it. i always mengalah if he mad at me but if saya tidak tahan already i mad him back. 

himh, its hard to believe each other when we are far apart. like before, when i had a camping. he text me but i was so busy and got no time to reply his message. i dont know what on his mind and mad at me suddenly. i explain to him that i was really busy but he didnt believe me and accused me that i am searching for someone else. grrrr !! ~.~ can you please understand me please ?? :| 

hey, i got this feeling. i feel like our relationship is no longer ~.~ yes , i can feel it. saya berusaha sudah mau jaga bagus-bagus but .... HUH ! its hard to explain. i can't blame him 100 percent. but most of this problem came from himself. hey boy, i always want to avoid us from arguing about something. but i have a feeling too. i cant take it when you say something nonsense about me. so sorry ~.~ im trying to understand you now.

- i was hoping that you understand me too -

14 April 2012

Funfair on Saturday night ~ bad ~

Wakey wakey ! :) Good morning guys. Post something early today about yesterday night. Keningau ? Keningau had funfair ! Since when ? Dunno , hehe >.< today on 15.04.2012 is the last day and 2 years later, it will come here again.

Okay, about yesterday night. It was sucks ! But not really. Yesterday, me and my friend had plan to go there together. And guest what ? It was raining and he has no mood to go there ! ~.~ sucks ! I was really hoping that I can play all the games there together.

We go there at 9 o'clock and that time, the rain has stop. he really want to go there but , arh ! ~.~ its raining again. - Hancur harapan - haha xD

Fine , heart breaking already. haha! nevermind, 1/2 of my heart gone ! hehe >.< then , we ride the " Transformer " . haha , dunno what the name is. we called it Transformer beacause it was like a robot. ahha.

Then, sedang kami berputar-putar dengan gilanya. Suddenly its raining again ! Gosh, I feels like I'm playing with the rain and it was fun actually. But, it was so cold. When the machine has stop , my clothes was really wet .

arh !! out of mood ! now my heart really 2/2 break ! I ride the spacegun with no feeling ! Then go back . Hope I can go there again tonight ! 

08 April 2012

-- Please understand me --

Please don't judge me ! =)

To those who always think bad about me. Thank you. I don't care if you want to hate me or dislike me.

Because I like you ! Thank you very much ! :)

I don't want to hate anyone but if u force me. YES ! I will surely hate you more than you want me to hate you.

In this Twenty-twelve, i want to forgive people easily.

So, i forgive you. But remember what I said at ' Line 3 ' .

Please understand me okay ? That's all what I want. Thank you . :)

P/s:: No hard feeling okay ? * PEACE ! * ^^

02 March 2012

The Third Month of year 2012

Hello guys ! Here I come again. Fuhh, ugly right my blog ? Never mind, at least I still can post something here right ? By the way, how are you guys ? Fine ? Good ! Nice to here it. [ I know your answer is yes xD ] So, today's title is - look by yourself - haha! Kidding. Dunno why did I choose that title, got no idea.

Today, I can't believe I post something on March. My goat ! haha. Am I dreaming ? It's March now and you know what that's mean ? Th exam is coming. Wow, time goes so fast.

I am not ready to face the exam yet. I know nothing, gaga! xD The hard subject for me is ' Physics '. This subject really killed me. It makes me like my brain want to come out from my head. >.< What I scared is, I can't answer any question on exam because every time my Physics teacher gave us an exercise, I can't answer it even one Question. Crazy right ? Hate this subject ! Sorry teacher. It makes me crazy.. ~.~

Okay, forget bout my ' Physics ' thing. Lets talk about my February story. I can't remember much but I'll tyr my best.

Last February, I have many problem about love. And that problem which make me lazy to see my book. I mean make some revision or do some homework. It start like this. We never meet since January the we always arguing about many thing even a small thing. From that on, my feeling to him suddenly gone. I don't know why. Maybe because he never want to meet me anywhere and guess what ? I like someone else at my school. Haha! Crazy little me. He was my friend actually and young then me. What makes me like him is because of his attitude. He's friendly and a little bit handsome xD haha! But, I don't want to hurt my 'bofie' heart even though he hurt me a lot because I know that is the meaning of love. No matter how much he hurt you, he still love you. - Chewahh ! -
After I think cook-cook. <--- Translate 100% from " fikir masak-masak" =.=" I don't want to make any scandal or play wood three <--- " main kayu tiga ". Hahaha ! And here we go again. The end.

That was my love story on February. About my class and friends. It's still okay, even though my two friends had a small problems and again they fighting. But, it's okay now. My class, himhh... I like my class now.Most of them was so funny and make me laugh until my tummy get hurt. Even though they were so funny and like to  playing joke around, they was so serious on study. They play on play time and study on study time. Not only them, but me also. Hehe, I learn it from them and that was my routine. Play during play time and study during study time. 

Sometimes, I was to proud for being a nerd person. Haha! Not nerd, I mean like smart. Bukan untuk meninggi diri yaa. But I never being like this before. Yeah, you know what I mean. From year 1 until form 3, I never study hard like now. I realize when I entered this ' Science ' class that I must be a hard-working person because ' SPM ' is so important to us ! 

I'm so sorry if you think that I'm to proud of my self because this is me ! The real me ! The real Pinnie and not anyone else ! I be my self .. Huuuuu .. 

So , that's my story for today. Thank you for reading it. Really appreciate and I want to read yours too. Please response to me so I can read your story too. And about my 100% translate from Bahasa to English, just ignore it. It was just for fun. 


28 February 2012

The Story In the class :)

Hello there ! :) I need some help here, can you ? Please count the day from my last post until now, how many days ? Wow, so many days. Okay, sorry for that. I never have time to post something on my blog. Actually, I have many to share with you guys but my time was so jealous to me. I don't have any chance to touch this computer. Hehe, forget bout it ! >.<

Today's topic is about friendship. Not a normal friendship but a very " Best Friend " ! eh ? What am I talking about ? haha! Okay, about bestfriend actually. It was a friendship right ? 

Before we start our conversation with our English teacher, we have created a story about friendship today. But when my teacher read the story, we laugh laud because it was so funny to not forgive someone with weird problem.

At the same time, I learn something about friendship today at school. It was English subject and my teacher suddenly talk about girlfriend and boyfriend then we laugh.

My teacher say " Why are you laughing ? It was a normal thing right ? To have a boyfriend and girlfriend ? I didn't say a " special " boyfriend and girlfriend . But I know some of you have it. I know Shafieq has a girlfriend, right Shafieq ? "

Then we continue to laugh. My teacher keep mentioned my friend name and that what make me laugh. For me, it was funny to say this " thing " in a class with my teacher. But, I like my teacher ! She was so sporting. Haha :D

After a minute laugh , then my teacher continue again to say about this funny thing.
" I didn't say it was wrong to have this special person because the feeling is from our heart right ? But, let me tell you something. Most of the ' smart ' person like you all are very.. Sorry to say, but very weak in love. Is that right ? "

We look each other and some say yes, some say no and some say don't know. But if I think deeply, I think it was true. I didn't say that I'm the smart person but about love for me, I think I know nothing. What I know is, find someone that you like and be her girlfriend. Don't know much about this love. Hehe, okay. Continue the story.

Teacher continue. " From this story, what is the meaning of closed-friend and bestfriend ? " We didn't answer it. " Bestfriend is different. Bestfriend mean someone that know all about your self. Someone that help you, listen your problem, keep your secret and didn't say some bad thing about you behind. "

When my teacher say like that, I suddenly think about someone that I like. Hehe. Actually he is my friend but I don't know. I think I like him, huhue. Sowt !

" I have a boyfriend to but not the special one. Boyfriend is actually a friend. He's my bestfriend from my school. Bestfriend, we cannot love them. We can't marry them "

See ? My teacher already told us. We can't fall in love with our bestfriend ! :( yaa, I know we can't but THIS ! my stupid feeling suddenly came to me.. Dunno how to throw it. But I try my best . 

- The Story end here -

Dunno what am I talking about but it was a story from my class today. Not all the words that I type about what my teacher say here was right. I forgot some and add some. But the message is same. hehe. I was talking about my bestfriend that i like ! That's all, thank you. But, before that. Anyone who read this, please don't tell him . >.<

14 February 2012

A Valentine Day ?

So, here I am again guys ! Hello , :) wah, I saw many happy faces today. Good ! Keep on smiling everyday. That will keep you to look young. haha! Yaa, that was true. Keep on smiling guys ! hehe , :)

Okay, I know the reason why did you all keep smiling today. Don't think I don't know about it. Because of this day right ? emm, dunno abut this day ? It's valentine day !
pura-pura tidak tau lagi kamurang ni.. >.<

I saw many ' couples ' today at - kadai - .. haha! my eyes just keep looking at them. can't stop ! why ? Because Im so jelous ! - perhh, don't care la about me. hehe - 

So, lets talk about this day. As we know, this day means a loving day right ? But many people misunderstanding with this day. I know it was a loving day but this day was not only for your " Special " person day. 

Look , it was a loving day. Aren't you love your family and your friend ? Why don't you just celebrate it with them ? Why must you celebrate it with your " beloved " one ?

See ? Actually , you can change that day to your family day. Celebrate something together. Just show your love to them, to your parents. Do something fun or go anywhere else that you will not forget. Berbaloi lagikan ? Daripada celebrate berdua-duan.

I didn't say that you can't celebrate it with your belove one but THINK ! you are forgeting about your family. You left them behind. You never give them a special gift. If you does, that's good. But how about them who's not ? 

wow ! I'm talking like I'm older than you right ? I know I was wrong but I don't want people think that this day is only for a ' couples '. I don't want people to misunderstanding about this day. You mad at me ? Want to yell at me ? Just do it. I'm saying the truth here. 

Why did I'm saying like this ? Because I'm lonely today. Yaa, you know about the meaning of ' LONELY ' right ? But, this - lonliness - make me think about this day. About this BIG day that teenager think as a special day. It's maybe special for you but you keep something left behind just because of this day.

Just don't do something bad okay ? Keep my advise. Haha! :) Okay, don't angry with me. Kepada mereka yang sedang lonely. Jangan lah bersedih yaa ? Kita sama-sama lonely masa valentine ni. Come ! Lets celebrate it with our family !
Happy go Lucky ! :D

 Happy Valentine Day to those who celebrate it ! :)

From : Mrs. Lonely :)