17 September 2012

Dear Diary - part 1

HELLO-SKI all !! :)

hey guys, here i come again after a few days - wait! few days , few weeks or few months since i let this blog empty ? okay , okay. for me, this web is to tell and let everyone know something that happen to me. - several only - okay ! let's start my first online diary.

as what you see, i upgrade i little bit of my blog just now to let my eyes didn't hurt to look at a messy blog . so , whosoever that read my blog now, don't forget to follow me okay ? it was an easy step. look at your right, did you saw ' Join this site '  - the blue one ? yes , that button ! please click it. i'm begging !! ~.~ <-- joke ! it is up to you actually. you don't want ? okay , i'm okay with it .. you hate being directed ? Leave this page then, thank you ! :) 

that's the first one. the second is... last Sunday, i attend a big camping with some others of my friends at this place called Dantai, which has no network coverage. okay, not forget also my secret ' meow ' was also there joining us. ooopsss !! i didn't mean anything. i just excited because he's joining too and always make the situation cheerful with his crazy joke. although like that, i also hate him at the same time. why ? because, he less talk to me. second, i only heard he's doing joke with the others. third, he never mentioned my name at all. ( pinnie , sedar sikit. you are nothing to that person ) ouhyaa, okay. but at least, he's also my friend. okay, talking about him. i realized that he was a smart person. the reason i said like that is because I was his partner who participated in the event to measure the distance of coconut tree. in this activities, mathematic must be use. so, you must master your math! actually, im not the one to be his partner but because of his partner was late to be there and our group should to be canceled, i have to accompanied him. and you know what ? saya tidak hafal sifir !! OMG! what a shame. he's younger than me but his brain is older than me. did you get what i mean ? yes, i was really shame that time but because of we cannot waste the time, i pretend that i am not ashamed at all. but at the same time, i was very impressed with him. crazy right ? but also i realized that our relation cannot be more that friends ! ( okay, i get it ! c: ) so , this is just everything that i know about him in this two days. so , the time when i stuck with him, i was really want to be his closer one ! ^^

so , let's start my third story for today. it was also at the same place but other person. although i said that there was no network coverage there but sometimes i still can get messages. and that Sunday night, i didn't look at my phone because i know that no one will text me. in about 11.30 , my heart was moved to see my cellphone. and how shocking i am to see that someone that i never expected will text me. it was marshmellow - the one who i told you before. yes ! it was him. i really never expected that he will text me because at school, we never looked into the eyes or talked even for 1 minute ! OMG ! what is in his mind to suddenly text me ? ( kunun nh ) the message was 30 minute before i receive it. with an excited plus disappointed feeling i reply that message. i thought that he's already taking a nap but he reply it back. Oh My Gosh !! My heart was flowering. hahahaha! the thing that i feel funny is because he text me just to know that Monday is holiday or not. but i still wondering if he was telling the truth or not. because how can he didn't know the date of holiday ? when i told my friend about it, she said that he maybe lying and pretend to ask something nonsense. because based on what he wrote, it was like he's trying to say something to me. but maybe he lost his desire because i late reply it. ( apa yang saya cakap ni ? ) well, although it was only three messages but i still feel happy and i still keep smiling when i remember it back. and OMG ! it was going to be awkward if we met at school tomorrow. hopefully not. haha !

so , i've been write many but not too many story here. and know i was out of idea what to write her. so maybe it's going to be an end. last but not least, you have no right to judge me. this is my life and it is my decision who should i like and hate. thank you for understanding this situation. that's all from me today. 안녕! 

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