21 September 2012

Dear Diary - part 2


to my fellow friends. did you saw that picture above ? just imagine that my face is like that now. just replace the girl with me. YES ! i'm so stress right now. why ? because, i had many assignment to do ! ( chewah , macam pelajar college saja kan ? ) but this is in real life ! no matter you are in primary school , high school or collage , you still being called a student right ? so , let just imagine i am a collage student >.< ( mengada-ngada la pula ~.~ ) okay ,  lets straight to the point !

first : i am a high school student. 

second : i got many assignment to do. 

third : i can't manage my time to do all the assignment. 

forth : the teacher want that assignment immediately. 

fifth : the final exam is near. 

sixth : i don't have much time to revision because of that assignment yang terlampau banyak !!

seventh : all this stuff make me crazy

eighth : if i'm going crazy , there is no more normal Pinnie in this world again !! huhu ~.~

okay , that's all from me today .. thank you for :)

p/s:: don't forget to read my ' About Me ' .. thank you :)