12 October 2012

Dear Diary - part 3


So , hello guys ! long time no post something here. i just can spent a little time with bloggie today, so it will be short.. okay , before that .. how are you all ? im pretty sure that you all will be fine. well , okay then ! candy for ya !! ^^ im kind right ? ( kunun )

ouhyaa , did you saw that chocolate icon on the right ? that icon is no longer useless. i already deactivate my facebook account because of some reason that i really can't avoid. so before something bad happen, i make a decision to deactivated it. no need to know la what is the reason. hehe .. ouhyaa , another information. actually this is my forth post but last week when im typing , suddenly the cat jump on my keyboard and delete all the words that i already type. OMG ! suddenly i throw the cat. buduh me. well , this is me. someone that easily be out of control .. hehe , okay next subject !

so , as we know. the PMR candidate is now struggling to answer their exam paper. it's been a week and they still have to answer two more paper next week. i'm sorry if im late but, " ALL THE BEST " from me. forget bout your love story and concentrate with your study please. you still can find love after this. so , be serious with you big exam. ( hehe , just a little bit advise here to my little borther and sister out there )

talking about exam , we too taking an exam paper with the PMR candidate. i thought that we will have an holiday during this PMR , but it is not ! we also have to go to school to do exactly what the Form 3 doing. sit in front f your desk and push your brain to think the answer. sometimes it feels like shit when you can't answer anything although you have think it hard. maybe it is too my fault because im not taking serious in study and im not doing my best at all. i know i'm gonna regret this but it's too late already. i can't do anything anymore. miahaha , fool Pinnie. i don't know why i still can't change! remember that i told you that i want to change ? that i don't want to do things on last minute ? it was all a lie ! actually , i do it before but not longer than that, i continue my old attitude. it seems like it is hard to remove it from my self.

well , i don't know if i can change next year because im going to take a really really big exam. an exam that will show my future. i hope that i really can change.