31 December 2015

Dear Diary - part 25


Well, that's a bit of the title for this entry. pheww ~~ it's been so long that I haven't post anything to this blog. Since I entered university, I rarely had a time to visit blog and post about sh*ty life. Well, I do have a time but I suddenly lost interest in creating a story. blah, I'm babbling crap right now. oh well! lets direct to the point.

So in June 2014, I was accepted to entered this one university that I wanted to go for so long! and thanks God, I made it and majoring in the course that I want. what a lucky life I had. and of course the first thing you do when you entered a university that is far away from your home and state is to adapt the new environment in yourself. yes, I do suffer living in a different state and different culture and to adapt this new environment is pretty hard at the beginning.

But, I am not alone. As usual, when you go to a new place, you met new people, with lots and lots of different characteristic. In this case, you should be wisely in choosing the right friend. Indeed this is a pretty hard task for all of us. It takes a lot of time to know someone better. Don't judge people by your first impression to them because first impression are always wrong. We may think that one person look good but their inner self may be bad as evil. It is much better to be friends with lot of people than sticking with the same person/group of people. Why? If one of them only give a sh*t in your life, don't worry. You still have a lot of friends to be with. You don't need that someone who only put a burden on your shoulder while you already had tons of burden surviving in college. And sometimes, I think that it was way much better to live/stand alone on your own feet. Because all you need to care is about how you should live your life than thinking about how to you should protect other people's feeling while non of them are thinking about yours.

Bla bla bla. I need like one million words to talk about people but maybe I should just get over it. If I was given that millions words, maybe it is still not enough to describe about people because actually you don't need to take it serious when your life is dealing with people. They will only give you the same sh*t everyday. My studies is okay so far. It's just that my semester four result is disappointing me and also my parents. My CGPA, how do we call it? Decrease? Fall down? *menurun* hahaha. but still in the dean list. So thank you effort for working so hard to get a good result. Keep it up Pinnie! :) 

That's life. I don't know how to sum up 2015. I don't think that one post will be enough to tell all the things that happen in that year. I have so much to tell but I don't know how to start. There's only one thing that I know about, it has a sad ending. My 2015 ends with a heart-breaking news. My love life? I don't know. This long distance relationship is slowly killing me :( Actually, distance doesn't matter for me as long as love exist between us. The only problem we had is, TIME. We're both a student. So as we're reaching to the final semester, of course there will be a lot of task and assignment to do right? This busy student-life is, for my opinion, the reason why we think that we're falling apart. I don't want to expose much about this but keeping this by myself was actually torturing me. All that we've been through was actually worth to fight for. But I don't know. I really don't know.

Okay. Still talking about crap. How about we talk back about people (again and again -_-). As time passes by, as we're growing older, I think we know how to think about bad and good stuff. The only thing I questioned about, why can't people just be honest with other? Why can't people just say, 'Hey, I don't like it if you do/say that to me.' or 'Stop spreading rumours! You don't know the real story so just shut up already!'. Why? Just why are you shutting up your mouth and use social media as the centre of your life? You are talking about hypocrisy but you think you ain't one? Do you really know the definition of hypocrite? Because I think that you are talking about yourself. If you're really far from hypocrite then why can't you just be honest to the people you're not comfortable with? Don't think that I didn't realise that. You're saying the person is stupid but are TOO! Oh my gosh! All the words that you pour out are actually referring to your own self. So think wisely. If you really want to settle things out, be brave and stand as a man! C.H.I.C.K.E.N. That is you. Bye.

Okay, enough already. We shall meet with a new story in 2016 another time.