09 December 2013

Dear Diary - part 18

Hello there again fellas! its been a while since i abondan this blogger of mine. but then, i know there will be no one's waiting for my next post i guess. so, before i start anything i would like to greet all of you Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas to all those who's enjoying holiday and celebrate christmas!

whoah! is it to early to greet merry christmas? i guess not because its around the coner. just right there, in the coner of the season! yaikk, just kidding. hohoho. so, did december treat you all well? because mine not. im hoping for a good thing to happen too but then lots of heart-breaker things happen to me. and i dont want to tell what is it because some people may think that im giving a shit to them. now that i realise that people is a weird creature in the world. some people may think that they are the only people who is good at everything but the reality is, they are not. most people give a shit to their self. well thats what people are. looking down on someone, judging someone without knowing the truth. 

people totally are weird. and im talking nonsense here like nothing. things were getting harder. lots and lots of shit need to be faces and you got no strength enough to face it.thats what i feel right now. im getting down and down. the situation surround me was totally change. friends were gone, suppoter gone and the spirit inside was also gone. 

29 June 2013

Dear Diary - part 17

Hello. Good morning peeps ! hehe. that's me on my study table to finish my additional mathematic project. i know i've been doing that 'thing' these days and feels really sucks when it never finish. so, i better finish it today. dadaa. 

26 June 2013

Dear Diary - part 16

Hello there. I am Pinnie. First of all, I want to thank to you for visiting my simple blog. I started to blogging since 2010 although I didn’t update much. I like to express my feelings here no matter when I’m happy, sad, angry, feel burden of something, exciting, about vacation my activities and many more. Usually when I’m mad of something, I sometimes use a harsh words because it may make me feel good for a while and make me feels stupid at the same time for typing ‘those’ kind of words. You know what I mean. I’m simply short but I got a loud voice which can make all the people stared at me when I started talking. I laughed a lot but I’m complicated to understand sometimes. Try me. Haha. I like to make friends actually but I just didn’t know where to start. See? There’s something weird about me. You just need to be closed to me to know more about me. I think everyone should do that to know somebody, right ? but not to them who like to judge a book by its cover.
Nice intro ? well, that is for someone who first time visiting my blog. I actually got nothing to talk about today. So, that’s all from me today. I am going to do my additional mathematic project first. See ya next time =)

21 April 2013

Dear Diary - part 15


can anybody ask me why i'm laughing that much ? ask me quick ! okay, dont care if you wont ask. let me tell you. i laugh like a crazy people because of this 23 or something years old WOMEN that act like 5 years old children ! do you still remember my Dear Diary - part 11 entry ? yes that! i am talking about that person right now! yet i still don't want to reveal that person name. but let me tell you. that person is a girl. and is she's still do something annoy to me again, i'll promise you that i will SURELY reveal her name that time! 

this time, it's really confirmed that she really are immature. she act like a little children! why? do you still remember that she is someone that really hard to take advise from people? YES! she really are. yesterday when she ask us to take her food again, i feel so burdensome! where i should take mine and her too. can you imagine i carry two plates at once in the crowd of people who's trying to get food too? since that i really out of my patient, my first step is by putting it on my status and it's my first time doing it! because i think i'm forced to do it! huh -.- this is all because of that bitch actually. although it's ashame me but there's on 'apology' comment there which she knew i was talking about her although i didn't mention any name. it's good actually sebab kau SEDAR diri. 

instead of forgiving her, my heart is touched to check her profile to check she had post something about me or not. and the answer is yes! i know that she didn't mention any name but i had a big instinct that she was really are talking about me! the time she post her status and the time she comment my status is the same! so, if you were me, don't you suspect that it was you? wow! she's really are great! she's not only post shit on her timeline but even confess to her fucking boyfriend!

see? now i really are can confirmed you that she's act like budak-budak 3 tahun yang baru pandai becakap yang pandai merengek sama orang lain saja tanpa melihat kesalahan sendri. huh. if i were her, i'm so shame to tell my boyfriend because it's my own fault. tap tidak tau la samada yang dia kasitau boyfriend dia tuh betul kah tidak. entah-entah chong habis saja tuh mangkali. okay, first of all i wanted to say sorry to you because it feels like i'm judging you but i confirmed that 95% of my prediction is true.

person, if i am a bad girl, i may punch you on the face the time when you make me angry. but because of i respect you, i let you do anything what you want. mungkin saya patut berterima kasih juga sama kau sebab membuatkan kesabaran saya panjang. 

* sorry for the harsh word that i used. 

20 April 2013

Dear Diary - part 14

FAITHBOOK ! yes , you saw it. that is the theme for our Pathfinder Fair Camp for this year. and now we're on meeting about this camp. we discuss about the activity, about the fund that we have to pay and the members of the club. i am not the secretary but let me be the secretary for you so that you can read it.

Theme : Faithbook
Date : 2-3 June 2013
Vanue : Kem Istrehat Adventist Dantai (KIAD)

yeah! can't wait. :)

19 April 2013

Dear Diary - part 13

hi guys! here i come again with a big-wide SMILE ! :D hehe. so its been awhile. i'm so sorry guys. i was so busy with outdoors activity which make me really tired and don't have time for bloggers. without wasting your time reading my nonsense opening speech, let me share something to all of you. 

Last wednesday on 17 April, our school had join this Choir Competition which is held on our school hall. before the competition, we've been practice for around one month maybe. i forgot already. yeah, i forgot because i really wanted to release all the burden that i'd carry for a long time. hehe, sorry guys.

so! when the due date of the competition arrived, my heart beat really fast. as fast as you can't imagine at all! hehe. this is because i had this bitter memory when i joined my school choir in 2011 as a pianist where my music sheet flew away while the choir member is singing. whew! its so embarrassing ! i hope you can imagine it. and that's why i really scared if the same thing happen for this time.

before we get to the hall, we all had gather at the music room to put a simple make up on our face so that they can see we sing with joy. and our clothes theme is ' 1 Malaysia '. yeah, i wear cheongsam :)

yeah, my face before i had make up on my face. white as ghost when the teacher put a lot of foundation on my face. hehe. 

-back position- where my face has been projected by Estacy Eva. hehe

- naa kan macam hantu saja- haha. this is when we get into the hall.

yeah! i really nervous. we've been informed that we are the third group to present our songs from six school. aww! i have no idea what to say. paling nervous !! haha. when our group turn to present, my hand's shaking like i can't control it. really funny huh? yeah. and sometimes i played wrong key but i still can cover it without stop. and guess what? i got a lot of compliment from others saying about the way i played. hehe. thank you thank you. from the compliment that i got, i really wanted to be awarded as the 'Best Musician'. and guess again ? i really got it! YEAH! i am not showing off! i just did my best! i really can't believe it! the award that i really wanted to have for so long ! other than that, our school got the second place and we did get shock! why ? because we all never thought of this. but this is the reality and we figure it out when we think of our effort before this. we did proud because we are the first generation that had won the second place than before. =)

the award that i got =)

During the competition, i also met Rexy's little brother. he's younger than me but he's taller than me either. haha.

i really had much fun during the day. although i felt so nervous but i got the experience and can learn to prepare and control myself next time when i got nervous. yeah! ^_^ this is what it feels when your can think properly :) i really wanted to thank to God for He has be with me all the time =)

31 March 2013

Dear Diary - part 12


good evening you all ! :) hah! it's the end of the holiday. so what's your feelin' ? bad ? yeah, me too. it's like the time goes too fast. i even didn't finish my homework yet. screw me. got punish by teacher later. haha.

yuck! got nothing to say. another complain from me. now i realize that i hate my layout. yuck! it's all pink! haha! it's too girly right ? and the 'welcome' thing, don't you think it's a little bit annoying ? every time you click somthing, it's appear! even when you click previous, home and next and ANYTHING ! it's so sad that i can't take it off already because it say 'permenant'. once you delete the html, you can't access to your blog anymore. whoah ! sot forever. i ever think about making a new account but i really love this blog! since this is my first blog and i already write a lot of thing! okay okay, i try to accept this as a fate. 

hey hey, im alone at home right now with only my father and it feels awkward ! what do you feels when you're only 'bedua-duan' with someone you don't close with ? it's really awkward right ? haha! that's what i feel and i don't even know what to do. it feels so stupid to have this weird feeling. haha.

hey, when school season is coming then i'm going to be busy again and maybe got no time to post something here. but i will try my best. when i think t back, i really are got a lot to do but i don't know why i didn't take it seriously. i mean, i didn't manage my time well. you see, i got this thing to do.
1) Drama practice. 2) School choir practise. 3) Compose a song for church choir. 4) Study.
okay, i know it's just a little but all this activity need a lot of energy. the drama and school choir competition is really near the corner and the time to practise for both of the activity is same! i hope both of my teacher understand me if i'm late for practice. it is so tiring. but i do this just because i wanted a mark for my co-curicolum. not because of that, but because of experience. yes, i'm hunger for experience! haha. it's all because this is my last year to feel high school, to feel the happiness of being a student in high school. whoah. im old and i didn't realize it. the feeling of being teenager is really great! i really wanted to keep young. FOREVER YOUNG babe ! okay, i know it's out of topic. i'm out of idea. but the point is, no matter how fun it is to be a teenager, it is still tiring because i faced a lot of 'pencobaan'. just like all the teenager. 

okay, let me told you something. a decision is made by ourselves right ? so, to be good or bad is in our own hand. it's our own choices to choose what we wanted. don't let anybody control you because they don't deserve it! sometimes people said that ' he's/she's being like that because of their friends '. NO! it's really are not because of friends! maybe a little but i still wanted to denied it! it's true. let  me tell you something. it is all because of faith. 

i don't know what am i talking about. it just feels like i'm judging right now but i'm not. huah! sleepy! nothing but a complain from me. sorry for the unmeaning post today because i really are blur. 

30 March 2013

Dear Diary - part 11

wallaaa ! hello :) now here i come in part 11. i suppose to take a nap right now but my hand suddenly change the direction from clicking the shut down button to 'google' and type blogger on the search column. haha. i'm now addicted to post something here. hehe. 

fuhh ! i'm so tired and sleepy! i couldn't sleep well last night. i'm tired, sleepy and moody! moody ? why ? because of this person ! i mean another person that i don't want to mention his/her name. yesterday i talked about someone else and today i wanted to talked about anyone else again. so before that, if that-person read this post, i know you will mad at me or yell or what ever. but i do this for your own good. i mean, you are someone who can't accept any 'teguran' from anyone. so, to prevent from hurting you, it's better if you can read this by your own.

To that person. you are someone annoying to us. you're now 20+ ( i don't even remember how old are you and i really don't want to remember it at all ) we all know that you are the eldest and we should respect you.  but it doesn't mean that you can make us as your servant! such as, you always told us to take your food and give us a dumb excuse! ' ada saya mau buat '. what the .. ? you do nothing ! you just play with someone baby and when your food arrive you eat someone else food too! it's seems like the food that we took for you is not enough! arh! we all are sick of this! it's like you are the boss and we are the worker without any salary! i know that sometimes you gives us a free book from the place you work but it also didn't mean that you can ask us to take your food every week ! can't you see that we are not honest to do that work at all! can't you see our face ? we are really not sincere to do it at all ! fuh! we are just trying to respect you ! just wait and see you-person, when i got the courage to face you, i will tell you the truth that you are such a jerk ! if i write all the bad habits that you had maybe i can't finish typing until tomorrow ! it's just to many things that  you do wrong ! there's another thing that i didn't like about you. you like to 'menginas' your lover money. i mean, did you love that person or just because you love their money ? you should realize that-person. you really are should realize it. because not only me but all of us started to annoy with your childish attitude ! thank you if read this! 

huh. it's all the same. nothing but a complain from me. no! im not coward! i just don't like to hurt anyone because it make me really guilty. who feel the same as me ? then thank you because you know how i feel. :) 

29 March 2013

Dear Diary - part 10

Hello there! here i come again with a moody mood. woohooooo! it's suppose to be happy because it's friday right ? it's not even an usual friday but it's Good Friday! hurm, i didn't celebrate it though. i think it's nearly the end of the holiday. so, hows your holiday ? is it good? i'm pretty sure you all had much fun than i am.

here i come with my story. last tuesday, i went to my kampung to visit my grandmother. it didn't take long because we go home for the next day. but before we take off, my grandmother ask us to sent her to Tamu at Tamparuli. so me and all of us except my little brother went to Tamparuli with a baru-bangun face. yeah! it's true. i just wash my face and go without changing my clothes. i don't care with my dressing because i know no one will know me there. so be it. haha. hey, you should know this. Tamu Tamparuli lagi best daripada tamu di keningau ini which is full with PILAKS! haha. the situation there is a little bit different then here. i mean, a LOT of difference! all the seller was so friendly and more polite than here. the price is much cheap than here and you can get all things at there! it's kind like a Jumble Sell. yeah, you know what i mean. okay! my point is, it's better than here. wohoo, i got a new beautiful bag from there. hee. i'm so glad i went there. :) (siapa urang tamparuli yang baca ni diam-diam saja. sia lebih suka suasana di sana. hehe)

okay-okay. enough with that 'tamu' story. let me tell you something about what happen yesterday. okay, before that, if the person who i talked about read this, i'm so sorry. but i know you wouldn't visit my blog either. yesterday, when i try to follow this one person blog, which-someone-i-know, it say's like this. 
" we're sorry. the owner of this blog has block you from following " and i was just like ' what the .... ? '

yeah, a little bit hurt but i know the reason why. everyone needs a privacy right ? so, i take that as nothing. i mean, let it be. i am nobody to told the person to unblock me right ? let that-person made his/her own decision right ? blah, it's nothing. i take that as a positive. but, i still wanted to thank that-person because it makes me feel how the feeling being block by someone. but i hope the person that i block also think the way i am. " EVERYBODY NEEDS A PRIVACY ! " 

hah! nothing but a complain from me. hehe. so, maybe that's all from me today. thanks to that-person, thanks to all who made me realize about anything. :) 

25 March 2013

Dear Diary - part 9

well, hello guys ! here i come again to make you see a new update! hehe :) it's one week holiday though. so, happy holiday guys! hope you all enjoyed your holiday !

         from me :)

12 February 2013

Dear Diary - part 8

whoop ! hey ! :) its been awhile that i didn't update my blog. (awhile ? wtf! it's been two month) haha! as usually, i will ask the same question like how are u guys? good? fine? how's your holiday ? and ect. but, i wont going to ask such question again because i know that no one will answer it right? i dont even think that people will read my entry. okay, last time, i post about some searching blog game right ? about mimi razzmiera? actually, she found my blog the next day after i post it. and im just lazy to update it because im out of idea what to type.

so, is it too late to say Happy New Year ? no right ? because now is the Chinese New Year, so happy CNY to all chinese and to those who celebrate it. okay, lets talk about this new 2013!

this year, i will be the senior of our school which is meant the eldest one. but! none of my junior knew that i am their senior because of my height. there's these one day at canteen, my tall-little-junior called me adik.  what the f*** ? haha! but, i just smile at her for she don't know that i'm older than her. it's okay, as long as she didn't act rude in front of me. 

let's talk about my education. this year, i will take this big exam which all the Form Five students scared of. SPM. yes, me too scared to take it. but this exam is the only way to make your future look bright. no! it's not the only way but its the first steps to catch your high dream to those who really got a high dream. from this two month study, i suddenly felt that sciene stream class is not a joke. it was really hard for those who didn't take a serious study like me last year. because it's too late to catch up last year lesson. really hard ! maybe if we put a lot of effort like one thousand times effort than before, maybe we'll get it. but for a lazy people like me, don't even think to get an excellent result. haha. really ! im serious. the less effort that you give, the bad result that you get. am i right ? who the hell i am to talk like this ? because me myself didn't start yet to do a serious study ! stupid me right ? i take this as a joke although it was for real.

before this, when school has start for the first 2013, i really get the spirit to go to school, to do a homework, to listen every single word that the teachers said, to take a note everything that's important. but now? here stuck in front of this laptop played game, waste my time watching tv and all the thing that useless. i really are didn't appreciate time. how expensive the time is to waste right ? only useless person like me didn't use time well. so, don't follow me. haha. the thing is, our future is in our own hand.

i still need to type all i wanted to but something make me feel out of mood. sorry. will write another story on the next post.