29 March 2013

Dear Diary - part 10

Hello there! here i come again with a moody mood. woohooooo! it's suppose to be happy because it's friday right ? it's not even an usual friday but it's Good Friday! hurm, i didn't celebrate it though. i think it's nearly the end of the holiday. so, hows your holiday ? is it good? i'm pretty sure you all had much fun than i am.

here i come with my story. last tuesday, i went to my kampung to visit my grandmother. it didn't take long because we go home for the next day. but before we take off, my grandmother ask us to sent her to Tamu at Tamparuli. so me and all of us except my little brother went to Tamparuli with a baru-bangun face. yeah! it's true. i just wash my face and go without changing my clothes. i don't care with my dressing because i know no one will know me there. so be it. haha. hey, you should know this. Tamu Tamparuli lagi best daripada tamu di keningau ini which is full with PILAKS! haha. the situation there is a little bit different then here. i mean, a LOT of difference! all the seller was so friendly and more polite than here. the price is much cheap than here and you can get all things at there! it's kind like a Jumble Sell. yeah, you know what i mean. okay! my point is, it's better than here. wohoo, i got a new beautiful bag from there. hee. i'm so glad i went there. :) (siapa urang tamparuli yang baca ni diam-diam saja. sia lebih suka suasana di sana. hehe)

okay-okay. enough with that 'tamu' story. let me tell you something about what happen yesterday. okay, before that, if the person who i talked about read this, i'm so sorry. but i know you wouldn't visit my blog either. yesterday, when i try to follow this one person blog, which-someone-i-know, it say's like this. 
" we're sorry. the owner of this blog has block you from following " and i was just like ' what the .... ? '

yeah, a little bit hurt but i know the reason why. everyone needs a privacy right ? so, i take that as nothing. i mean, let it be. i am nobody to told the person to unblock me right ? let that-person made his/her own decision right ? blah, it's nothing. i take that as a positive. but, i still wanted to thank that-person because it makes me feel how the feeling being block by someone. but i hope the person that i block also think the way i am. " EVERYBODY NEEDS A PRIVACY ! " 

hah! nothing but a complain from me. hehe. so, maybe that's all from me today. thanks to that-person, thanks to all who made me realize about anything. :)