about me

 Hey reader!
This page is just about my freaking cruel world.
So, if you don't interested to enter my world, don't read ! :)
To those whom really interested to, you are most welcome to visit my page.

Little me ::
- Jovinia.
- Pinnie. <-- I prefer this.
- 26 october 1996
- 147cm.
- the only daughter from 3 brothers
- Sabah, Malaysia.
- UPSI student.

I love ::
~ to eat
~ to laugh
~ to do something crazy
~ to make new friends
~ to sing
~ to play instruments
~ selfies ! hahaha

~ hypocrite people
~ attention seekers
~ annoying stuff

~ people who didn't reply my smiles
~ people who like to judge

Things you should know ::

~ I do talk a lot in social media AND in reality if you're someone who really know me.
~ I lead an extremely busy life, but Im happy and contented.
~ I will give you due respect, but I expect the same in return.
~ I make friends to all kind of people.
~ I don't racist because I love to make my country stay in peace.

* this blog is all about my life journey. I wrote everything that i love to share.

:: XOXO :