28 February 2012

The Story In the class :)

Hello there ! :) I need some help here, can you ? Please count the day from my last post until now, how many days ? Wow, so many days. Okay, sorry for that. I never have time to post something on my blog. Actually, I have many to share with you guys but my time was so jealous to me. I don't have any chance to touch this computer. Hehe, forget bout it ! >.<

Today's topic is about friendship. Not a normal friendship but a very " Best Friend " ! eh ? What am I talking about ? haha! Okay, about bestfriend actually. It was a friendship right ? 

Before we start our conversation with our English teacher, we have created a story about friendship today. But when my teacher read the story, we laugh laud because it was so funny to not forgive someone with weird problem.

At the same time, I learn something about friendship today at school. It was English subject and my teacher suddenly talk about girlfriend and boyfriend then we laugh.

My teacher say " Why are you laughing ? It was a normal thing right ? To have a boyfriend and girlfriend ? I didn't say a " special " boyfriend and girlfriend . But I know some of you have it. I know Shafieq has a girlfriend, right Shafieq ? "

Then we continue to laugh. My teacher keep mentioned my friend name and that what make me laugh. For me, it was funny to say this " thing " in a class with my teacher. But, I like my teacher ! She was so sporting. Haha :D

After a minute laugh , then my teacher continue again to say about this funny thing.
" I didn't say it was wrong to have this special person because the feeling is from our heart right ? But, let me tell you something. Most of the ' smart ' person like you all are very.. Sorry to say, but very weak in love. Is that right ? "

We look each other and some say yes, some say no and some say don't know. But if I think deeply, I think it was true. I didn't say that I'm the smart person but about love for me, I think I know nothing. What I know is, find someone that you like and be her girlfriend. Don't know much about this love. Hehe, okay. Continue the story.

Teacher continue. " From this story, what is the meaning of closed-friend and bestfriend ? " We didn't answer it. " Bestfriend is different. Bestfriend mean someone that know all about your self. Someone that help you, listen your problem, keep your secret and didn't say some bad thing about you behind. "

When my teacher say like that, I suddenly think about someone that I like. Hehe. Actually he is my friend but I don't know. I think I like him, huhue. Sowt !

" I have a boyfriend to but not the special one. Boyfriend is actually a friend. He's my bestfriend from my school. Bestfriend, we cannot love them. We can't marry them "

See ? My teacher already told us. We can't fall in love with our bestfriend ! :( yaa, I know we can't but THIS ! my stupid feeling suddenly came to me.. Dunno how to throw it. But I try my best . 

- The Story end here -

Dunno what am I talking about but it was a story from my class today. Not all the words that I type about what my teacher say here was right. I forgot some and add some. But the message is same. hehe. I was talking about my bestfriend that i like ! That's all, thank you. But, before that. Anyone who read this, please don't tell him . >.<

14 February 2012

A Valentine Day ?

So, here I am again guys ! Hello , :) wah, I saw many happy faces today. Good ! Keep on smiling everyday. That will keep you to look young. haha! Yaa, that was true. Keep on smiling guys ! hehe , :)

Okay, I know the reason why did you all keep smiling today. Don't think I don't know about it. Because of this day right ? emm, dunno abut this day ? It's valentine day !
pura-pura tidak tau lagi kamurang ni.. >.<

I saw many ' couples ' today at - kadai - .. haha! my eyes just keep looking at them. can't stop ! why ? Because Im so jelous ! - perhh, don't care la about me. hehe - 

So, lets talk about this day. As we know, this day means a loving day right ? But many people misunderstanding with this day. I know it was a loving day but this day was not only for your " Special " person day. 

Look , it was a loving day. Aren't you love your family and your friend ? Why don't you just celebrate it with them ? Why must you celebrate it with your " beloved " one ?

See ? Actually , you can change that day to your family day. Celebrate something together. Just show your love to them, to your parents. Do something fun or go anywhere else that you will not forget. Berbaloi lagikan ? Daripada celebrate berdua-duan.

I didn't say that you can't celebrate it with your belove one but THINK ! you are forgeting about your family. You left them behind. You never give them a special gift. If you does, that's good. But how about them who's not ? 

wow ! I'm talking like I'm older than you right ? I know I was wrong but I don't want people think that this day is only for a ' couples '. I don't want people to misunderstanding about this day. You mad at me ? Want to yell at me ? Just do it. I'm saying the truth here. 

Why did I'm saying like this ? Because I'm lonely today. Yaa, you know about the meaning of ' LONELY ' right ? But, this - lonliness - make me think about this day. About this BIG day that teenager think as a special day. It's maybe special for you but you keep something left behind just because of this day.

Just don't do something bad okay ? Keep my advise. Haha! :) Okay, don't angry with me. Kepada mereka yang sedang lonely. Jangan lah bersedih yaa ? Kita sama-sama lonely masa valentine ni. Come ! Lets celebrate it with our family !
Happy go Lucky ! :D

 Happy Valentine Day to those who celebrate it ! :)

From : Mrs. Lonely :)

11 February 2012

I've got so much more to learn ..

Haloo guys ! finally after a few weeks can't online for some reason, today i take some chances to update a little bit on my blog.
and once again, HELLO ! How are you guy ? Gosh ! miss you all. my blog was so ugly when i didn't update it. sorry for that. hehe, PEACE ! ^^

okay, a new title that i never thought that i will choose it. haha! " I've got so much more to learn ". before that, anyone here that know I'm in Science class ? [ raise your leg quickly ! ] hihi, just kidding >.<

yaa, that was true. I'm in Science class. wow, i tell you after a month school. hehe. I really did not believe that I can get in that class. with my result that really , emm how to say ? really poor lah. hehe.

- okay, cukup dengan mukadimah yang tiada kaitan itu -

As we know, many students like science class like me. ^^ yeah, when I first time get my text book. I was really excited because I can study Science things. That what I want. On the first day, I am really excited to go to class. Weird right ? Yes, of course weird.

But, some say that I was to proud that I get that class. yes I am proud but I never want to show off with others. I qualify my decision to enter the class, so why do I have to reject it right ? huh, I don't like those mouth who said that I'm showing off. never mind la, don't care bout you. Bla la ! hehe, >.<

So, lets talk about my class. In this class, I've learn a new subject such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Additional Mathematics. See, four new subject. This subject isn't to easy and isn't to hard either. I mean here, you will felt that subject was easy when you understand what your teacher teach but felt hard when you don't understand.

That's why I said that I have to learn more new things. I've got to learn my new subject, how to concentrate in the class, how to manage time, how to control my stress and many more. [ emm, ini bagi pandangan saya lah. ] Ignore me , hehe.

Hey, although this class maybe will give you a little bit of  " stressness " but it was fun to learn a new thing. Just don't let your self hate that subject. 

PEACE ! :)