11 February 2012

I've got so much more to learn ..

Haloo guys ! finally after a few weeks can't online for some reason, today i take some chances to update a little bit on my blog.
and once again, HELLO ! How are you guy ? Gosh ! miss you all. my blog was so ugly when i didn't update it. sorry for that. hehe, PEACE ! ^^

okay, a new title that i never thought that i will choose it. haha! " I've got so much more to learn ". before that, anyone here that know I'm in Science class ? [ raise your leg quickly ! ] hihi, just kidding >.<

yaa, that was true. I'm in Science class. wow, i tell you after a month school. hehe. I really did not believe that I can get in that class. with my result that really , emm how to say ? really poor lah. hehe.

- okay, cukup dengan mukadimah yang tiada kaitan itu -

As we know, many students like science class like me. ^^ yeah, when I first time get my text book. I was really excited because I can study Science things. That what I want. On the first day, I am really excited to go to class. Weird right ? Yes, of course weird.

But, some say that I was to proud that I get that class. yes I am proud but I never want to show off with others. I qualify my decision to enter the class, so why do I have to reject it right ? huh, I don't like those mouth who said that I'm showing off. never mind la, don't care bout you. Bla la ! hehe, >.<

So, lets talk about my class. In this class, I've learn a new subject such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Additional Mathematics. See, four new subject. This subject isn't to easy and isn't to hard either. I mean here, you will felt that subject was easy when you understand what your teacher teach but felt hard when you don't understand.

That's why I said that I have to learn more new things. I've got to learn my new subject, how to concentrate in the class, how to manage time, how to control my stress and many more. [ emm, ini bagi pandangan saya lah. ] Ignore me , hehe.

Hey, although this class maybe will give you a little bit of  " stressness " but it was fun to learn a new thing. Just don't let your self hate that subject. 

PEACE ! :)