21 April 2013

Dear Diary - part 15


can anybody ask me why i'm laughing that much ? ask me quick ! okay, dont care if you wont ask. let me tell you. i laugh like a crazy people because of this 23 or something years old WOMEN that act like 5 years old children ! do you still remember my Dear Diary - part 11 entry ? yes that! i am talking about that person right now! yet i still don't want to reveal that person name. but let me tell you. that person is a girl. and is she's still do something annoy to me again, i'll promise you that i will SURELY reveal her name that time! 

this time, it's really confirmed that she really are immature. she act like a little children! why? do you still remember that she is someone that really hard to take advise from people? YES! she really are. yesterday when she ask us to take her food again, i feel so burdensome! where i should take mine and her too. can you imagine i carry two plates at once in the crowd of people who's trying to get food too? since that i really out of my patient, my first step is by putting it on my status and it's my first time doing it! because i think i'm forced to do it! huh -.- this is all because of that bitch actually. although it's ashame me but there's on 'apology' comment there which she knew i was talking about her although i didn't mention any name. it's good actually sebab kau SEDAR diri. 

instead of forgiving her, my heart is touched to check her profile to check she had post something about me or not. and the answer is yes! i know that she didn't mention any name but i had a big instinct that she was really are talking about me! the time she post her status and the time she comment my status is the same! so, if you were me, don't you suspect that it was you? wow! she's really are great! she's not only post shit on her timeline but even confess to her fucking boyfriend!

see? now i really are can confirmed you that she's act like budak-budak 3 tahun yang baru pandai becakap yang pandai merengek sama orang lain saja tanpa melihat kesalahan sendri. huh. if i were her, i'm so shame to tell my boyfriend because it's my own fault. tap tidak tau la samada yang dia kasitau boyfriend dia tuh betul kah tidak. entah-entah chong habis saja tuh mangkali. okay, first of all i wanted to say sorry to you because it feels like i'm judging you but i confirmed that 95% of my prediction is true.

person, if i am a bad girl, i may punch you on the face the time when you make me angry. but because of i respect you, i let you do anything what you want. mungkin saya patut berterima kasih juga sama kau sebab membuatkan kesabaran saya panjang. 

* sorry for the harsh word that i used. 

20 April 2013

Dear Diary - part 14

FAITHBOOK ! yes , you saw it. that is the theme for our Pathfinder Fair Camp for this year. and now we're on meeting about this camp. we discuss about the activity, about the fund that we have to pay and the members of the club. i am not the secretary but let me be the secretary for you so that you can read it.

Theme : Faithbook
Date : 2-3 June 2013
Vanue : Kem Istrehat Adventist Dantai (KIAD)

yeah! can't wait. :)

19 April 2013

Dear Diary - part 13

hi guys! here i come again with a big-wide SMILE ! :D hehe. so its been awhile. i'm so sorry guys. i was so busy with outdoors activity which make me really tired and don't have time for bloggers. without wasting your time reading my nonsense opening speech, let me share something to all of you. 

Last wednesday on 17 April, our school had join this Choir Competition which is held on our school hall. before the competition, we've been practice for around one month maybe. i forgot already. yeah, i forgot because i really wanted to release all the burden that i'd carry for a long time. hehe, sorry guys.

so! when the due date of the competition arrived, my heart beat really fast. as fast as you can't imagine at all! hehe. this is because i had this bitter memory when i joined my school choir in 2011 as a pianist where my music sheet flew away while the choir member is singing. whew! its so embarrassing ! i hope you can imagine it. and that's why i really scared if the same thing happen for this time.

before we get to the hall, we all had gather at the music room to put a simple make up on our face so that they can see we sing with joy. and our clothes theme is ' 1 Malaysia '. yeah, i wear cheongsam :)

yeah, my face before i had make up on my face. white as ghost when the teacher put a lot of foundation on my face. hehe. 

-back position- where my face has been projected by Estacy Eva. hehe

- naa kan macam hantu saja- haha. this is when we get into the hall.

yeah! i really nervous. we've been informed that we are the third group to present our songs from six school. aww! i have no idea what to say. paling nervous !! haha. when our group turn to present, my hand's shaking like i can't control it. really funny huh? yeah. and sometimes i played wrong key but i still can cover it without stop. and guess what? i got a lot of compliment from others saying about the way i played. hehe. thank you thank you. from the compliment that i got, i really wanted to be awarded as the 'Best Musician'. and guess again ? i really got it! YEAH! i am not showing off! i just did my best! i really can't believe it! the award that i really wanted to have for so long ! other than that, our school got the second place and we did get shock! why ? because we all never thought of this. but this is the reality and we figure it out when we think of our effort before this. we did proud because we are the first generation that had won the second place than before. =)

the award that i got =)

During the competition, i also met Rexy's little brother. he's younger than me but he's taller than me either. haha.

i really had much fun during the day. although i felt so nervous but i got the experience and can learn to prepare and control myself next time when i got nervous. yeah! ^_^ this is what it feels when your can think properly :) i really wanted to thank to God for He has be with me all the time =)