26 June 2012

well , i can't give up on you !!


Okay , just got back from school. now on 6.26 PM. i got a full re-ha-sel for our 3 in 1 celebration tomorrow. " Pergi berhantar, datang bersambut " for our old and new principle, " Hari Guru " for our teacher's and " Hari Ulang Tahun Sekolah " for our school's reunion. really sucks right ? our school always do any activities on last minute and always makes us murky and doing things on last minute was really not my like. before this yes ! but now, i really hate that stuff. because it can ruin my day just because i need to think what to do. our class had planned to make something on this celebration but i don't know why that we never discuss about it. once i heard to make a ' Choral speaking ' but they canceled it because they don't like because they want to make something interested than that. so, they decided to make a ' Choir '. Our song is Laskar Pelangi. you know that song ? yaa, that song is a slow song and i really LOVE it ! 

 please enjoy this song ! turn off the SCM music player first.

okay, stop talking about that thing. I want to talk about this someone that i really love. i love him but he don't know that i keep that feeling to him. When i know that he had a special girlfriend, i was a little bit upset and i try to forget him, try to not to think about him and try to avoid my self from meeting him. actually i don't like to do things like this but i think this is the best way so that i can throw this STUPID feeling that he will never know i kept it silently. okay, it hurts a lot to forget someone that you love. :'(

Just now, i checked his facebook account and i saw he post something weirdly. 
" Don't make time to people who don't make time for you "
actually, i don't know to whom he dedicated this sentence but i really got a BIG feeling that it was dedicated for me. Yes ! i know it was for me. ( maybe ) wow, hurts again. before this, we're actually a closed and very closed friend ! this friend relationship make me want to change our status from friend to " ******* " [ arh ! crazy ] he too always treat me like he has the same feeling like me too. yaa, he treat me like that. when we text, he always talk some cute stuff and it's really make me want to melt like and ice. My heart was always like flowering every time i saw him. yuck ! Gete la saya. >.< but this is the truth ! Just in cast i want you to know that i feel like i'm being played by you . suddenly we didn't be closed again and shock-ly ! when i knew that you were taken. okay, like i told you before this. i was trying to avoid my self from him. and every time i look at him and he look at me again, i quickly throw my eyes to others place and every time he talks to me, i didn't replied and make something stupid in front of him ! Sorry la kalau ko terasa dengan perbuatan saya but maybe this is the best way to us.

I treat him like that everyday. siapa suruh , orang sakit hati kan . :( it's okay la if you also don't want to look at me again. i didn't say i don't care but i just can't do anything. i am nothing to you, so what the hell i am to control your life right ? saya tiada hak langsung terhadap diri kau. okay bye ! :)

p/s: Oh My English !

23 June 2012

- be patient ANGLE ! -


First of all , i want to say sorry because i use bad words before this. i am really sorry. i just can't control my self to say such a thing. i just feel like this world was rally unfair ! :'( urm , no need to know la because of what. talking about love give me nothing. i don't care who they want to fall in love with , i give up.

 but there's someone that i really admire about. ( it's a girl , not boy ) for me , she's really perfect. Got pretty face, cute, clever and everything that i don't have , have in her . now , i know that she's in pain. maybe i am a busy body but i really interested in their love story . before i post something on my blog , i go to her blog first. and when i read her entry , it give me an inspiration to post something on my blog. her language was really good and i am so touched with her sad story. i don't want to mentioned who the person is. let it be secret. i don't want anyone know that i'm admiring her. the reason why i am so admiring with her is because she was a strong person. no matter how hurt she is , she always have to be strong in front of anyone else. she did not want to show her sadness to anyone because she don't want to tells that actually she was very week . 

WOW ! awesome ! my hero , can you please tell me how did you do that ? that was the hard thing to do when i hurt. every time i hurt , i must tell someone so that my burden feels a little bit light. but for you, it was just an easy thing to do. i know that it is hard for you too. but the problems that you face was a BIG problems to me and now you still can say ' im okay & im fine ' . Angle , the boy that make you hurt everyday is really blind. he suppose have to feel gratefully that he have own you. but how STUPID he is to leave you and together with someone that got no any of your characteristic. yes angle , he was really stupid for me. hey , you are an angle for me. angle didn't cry kan ? so don't be sad okay ? I know there's someone that one thousand times better than him. i know one day, someone new will make you happy forever. Please don't give up my angle ! i will always give you a support. although if you didn't know. >.<

p/s: Oh My English ! ~.~

I can't believe !


arrrrrhhhhh !! This world is just like a disaster to me !
u leave the PRETTY one and u go to the UGLY one !!
arh ! i can't believe it ! ee , ~.~
lagipun , i thought you got no girlfriend at all ~.~
same as the other one ouh . ~.~ 
give me hope only but didn't want to tell the truth ! 
world is unfair . :'( 
sorry , I LOVE YOU !!!!!

a b C d E f g h i j k l m N O p q r s t u v w x y z !!

P/S: teka-teki

12 June 2012


Hello-ski ! yeah ! i've got a new word already. This word ( Hello-ski ) i got from Fred 2 movie. Already watch it ? i know the movie was stupid but i like to see Fred stupid-ness. why ? because i never saw a stupid person like him. by the way, i'm Fred fan ! haha xD ( weirdo )

Okay, honestly. i'm being reject by someone. someone that i like and i was really sad! i feel like , haha . nothing. okay, fine. its okay if you choose someone else. i don't care. NO ! i really care, but its your decision. so, be it. haha! don't want to friend you anymore. because you jahat, cruel. didn't tell me that you already have girlfriend and you just let me like you. baru saya tau kau JAHAT ! 
naa kan , nasib saya tidak mentioned nama kau di sini.

haha! me also jahat bah if you want to know. himh, although i hate you or dislike you, i still searching for you everyday. no matter you saw me or not, i still felt happy that i can see you. although you are taken by others. i know i never told you that i had a feeling to you. i just don't want you to know and i don't want to take the first step. i just wanted you to know it by yourself. but, i know you never knew about it.

NO ! i didn't sad. not at all. maybe a little bit, but it was not really hurt and not hurt at all. haha. hey, you are so handsome. your girlfriend was so pretty. i admit, im ugly and yours pretty. pretty than any other girl in this world maybe. that's why you choose her right ? bla bla bla. ( sakit hati sendiri ) xD

Stop talking about you already, make me hurt only. GUYS ! you always find or search someone pretty only. in this case, i feel my self down. i'm ugly. - black, got many pimple, got no talent and short -
okay , SINGLE is better. you don't need to take care of others heart. I LOVE YOU SINGLE ! mwah ! xD

p/s:: Oh My English !!! 

08 June 2012

Annoying attitude .. - me -

Yesterday , im having a walk with my friend ?
( Dunno what to call him , friend or brother ? )
sementara berjalan-jalan, he said ' napa bh gaya ko nh ? manja betul '
aie ? sejak bila saya ada gaya begitu ? astga , nda saya sedar bah saya ada gaya manja. then i answered " maybe because i am the one and only girl in my sibblings "
haha , stupid answer pula ouh kn ? while we were in a supermarket, anything that i hold must fall.
maksud saya , teda barang-barang yang tidak jatuh kalau saya pegang.
kena marah lagi , " ish ! jangan lagi pegang ! nanti kalau jatuh, saya yang bayar , bukan kau ! "
okay-okay, tidak pegang lagi bah.

erm , hati saya pun tertanya-tanya. kenapa pula dia mau bayar kan ? saya yang kasih jatuh, saya la bah yang bayar. himh , okay . honestly. feel awkward and got strange feeling.
himh , please throw this feeling !

02 June 2012

Blessed Sabbath with Cousin !

 Happy Sabbath to all the Seventh-Day Adventist! Today, I have a nice Sabbath with all my lovely cousin. Not all of them were here at kampong but never mind, I’m just hoping if they all were here. This is some of my cousin that I hang with today.
This is Sherra a.k.a Pinky. She’s 16 years old like me.
This is Cecelia Jaisin. She is the one that I told was studying at US .

There’s still many of my cousin but I didn’t have a chance to take it. Haha! xD
Okay , without wasting time. Here are the video that my mom took for me while I’m singing in front of the church.

( sila pastikan SCM music player sudah di matikan dan pastikan anda menterbalikkan kepala anda untuk melihat video ini. Terima kasih )

The sound quality was not really good because my mom use my Samsung Corby II to record it. I didn’t say the phone was not good but only the sound quality. Huh ~.~ ( ayat tunggang tebalik )
You enjoy it ? haha! I was so nervous when I stand in front and I can’t stop shaking. Okay , stop talking about me. There’s still 3 special song, but my mom record it using a camera and I don’t know if she already transferred it to the laptop or not. I post it another time okay ?
After church, I hang with my cousin at home and share many story together. We always laugh , laugh, and laugh. Wow! My stomach was really hurt. I just can’t stop laughing when they told us funny story.

me with the naughty little cousin.

In the evening, we cleaned  the house because the closing Sabbath was held at grandma house a.k.a we celebrate her birthday party and mother’s day for my grandma.
Here are some of the picture.


They not so many, but I still enjoy it. many of them was my cousin. Maybe all of them I can say as my cousin. Haha! Live with cousin that I really don’t know. After the closing Sabbath done, suddenly its rain and it was really sad because we can’t celebrate the party like we thought. But never mind, nasib ada bawah kulung juga. Hehe >.<
Happy mother’s day Grandma ! and what’s make the party become more sad, its black out ! sudahlah hujan, teda current lg. haish! Can’t take more picture, got no flash on my phone. So, makan only guna lilin saja. What the ……. Nevermind.

01 June 2012

TWO choices ? choose ONE only !

Good morning ! J So today is Friday. The seven day of school holiday. Himh, for the last 6 days. What have you done ? me, I do nothing . stuck at home and being crazy alone, read some novel. Yeaah, sucks ! hehe >.< Himh, yesterday. My friend told me that our church will organize an Ambassador camping. I was really excited when I hear about that camping because it was the first Ambassador camping.

But at the same time, my mother told us that we will going back to our village. ARGH ! Sad again . L why there is always have two choices ? I hate this situation. If I didn’t go to kampong, then I can’t meet my cousin that study at US. If I didn’t join the camp, I will miss the best activities. Yuck! I hate choices ! so, I decided to meet my cousin. I hope there still another Ambassador camping next time.

Okay, done packing. Its time to go! On my way to car, I receive a text message from .. OMG ! can’t believe that number will come to my phone again. He said, “ please meet me. I already buy you a chocolate. Please take it. Susah-susah ja saya beli kalau tidak kena ambil “ WHAT ? chocolate ! I love chocolate ! I ask my mother if she could sent me there to take it and my mother agree. YES ! I’ve got two reason why I’m happy. First, because I can meet him again. Second, I can eat chocolate from him. ( itu pun mau happy. Ish pelik )

so , this is my sad+happy face. Jaja. The Domo is tebalik liao.

arrive at his house, take the chocolate, chat with him for a while and have to go. My mother said 10 second window. Himh, so sorry. I can’t be long. Shake hands, say thank you then go. It was Dark Chocolate and it taste very sweet and delicious ! thank you very much ! I LOVE it ! >.< I eat it alone ! I know it was so sweet but because it was a gift, so I don’t want to share it with others. Haha! How greedy I am. >.<
 Don’t look at my face, ugly. Haha! And again , thank you. I was so full that time. I eat a lot along the way. Chocolate + Pringles + Kebab + Milky tea . Wow! Be ready world! I’ll be a fat-fatty girl ! hahaha!

Bla bla bla, didn’t realize arrive already. Ouch ! my butt was really hurt. Sit on the car for a few hours. I saw my grandma watching TV. She open the door and hug me. Hehe, miss you grandma. The others just arrive from planting the rubber tree at ‘ bukit ‘. I saw their tired face. Let them take a rest and I watch TV. Hehe, got no astro at home. >.<

I wait, wait and wait. All my cousin has arrive. SHOCK ! my cousin from Kota Marudu being bigger again. Himh, what did she it at US ? never mind, what’s important I can meet her again. Okay ! so its Sabbath night . himh, my uncle said. We have to prepare 5 special songs for tomorrow. But how can we search that five song ? we only laugh , laugh and laugh. This is us when we meet. Many story to be told. Haha! While we practicing our song. I take my little cousin picture. Look, they are so cute !
This is ( I don’t know how spell her name ) A-zie
This is Aaron
Both 6 and 5 years old respectively. Cute right ? But they are so naughty. Sometime, we can’t control them. Haha! Its hard to take care of them. So, my story ends here. Before that , I want to show you Sampalao picture .

Like Baboon right ? hahaha! He’s 16. Same as me.
NIGHT peeps ! ^^