12 June 2012


Hello-ski ! yeah ! i've got a new word already. This word ( Hello-ski ) i got from Fred 2 movie. Already watch it ? i know the movie was stupid but i like to see Fred stupid-ness. why ? because i never saw a stupid person like him. by the way, i'm Fred fan ! haha xD ( weirdo )

Okay, honestly. i'm being reject by someone. someone that i like and i was really sad! i feel like , haha . nothing. okay, fine. its okay if you choose someone else. i don't care. NO ! i really care, but its your decision. so, be it. haha! don't want to friend you anymore. because you jahat, cruel. didn't tell me that you already have girlfriend and you just let me like you. baru saya tau kau JAHAT ! 
naa kan , nasib saya tidak mentioned nama kau di sini.

haha! me also jahat bah if you want to know. himh, although i hate you or dislike you, i still searching for you everyday. no matter you saw me or not, i still felt happy that i can see you. although you are taken by others. i know i never told you that i had a feeling to you. i just don't want you to know and i don't want to take the first step. i just wanted you to know it by yourself. but, i know you never knew about it.

NO ! i didn't sad. not at all. maybe a little bit, but it was not really hurt and not hurt at all. haha. hey, you are so handsome. your girlfriend was so pretty. i admit, im ugly and yours pretty. pretty than any other girl in this world maybe. that's why you choose her right ? bla bla bla. ( sakit hati sendiri ) xD

Stop talking about you already, make me hurt only. GUYS ! you always find or search someone pretty only. in this case, i feel my self down. i'm ugly. - black, got many pimple, got no talent and short -
okay , SINGLE is better. you don't need to take care of others heart. I LOVE YOU SINGLE ! mwah ! xD

p/s:: Oh My English !!!