09 December 2013

Dear Diary - part 18

Hello there again fellas! its been a while since i abondan this blogger of mine. but then, i know there will be no one's waiting for my next post i guess. so, before i start anything i would like to greet all of you Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas to all those who's enjoying holiday and celebrate christmas!

whoah! is it to early to greet merry christmas? i guess not because its around the coner. just right there, in the coner of the season! yaikk, just kidding. hohoho. so, did december treat you all well? because mine not. im hoping for a good thing to happen too but then lots of heart-breaker things happen to me. and i dont want to tell what is it because some people may think that im giving a shit to them. now that i realise that people is a weird creature in the world. some people may think that they are the only people who is good at everything but the reality is, they are not. most people give a shit to their self. well thats what people are. looking down on someone, judging someone without knowing the truth. 

people totally are weird. and im talking nonsense here like nothing. things were getting harder. lots and lots of shit need to be faces and you got no strength enough to face it.thats what i feel right now. im getting down and down. the situation surround me was totally change. friends were gone, suppoter gone and the spirit inside was also gone.