04 March 2011

Great Friends !!

So , talking bout friends .. 
I know that we all have friends right ??
It is so impossible if some of us didn't have friends ..
But , I have a great friends .. 
Do you have it to ??
I love to be with them because they're always beside me when I'm happy and sad ..
FRIENDS is the place where we can share something like secret , things or food .. [ Hehe ]
I have 6 great frends ..
 Although sometimes they make me angry or what , I still love them because I know that without friends , life is like in vain or in hell .. Our life will be dark at all time .. No joke so no fun ..
Imagine if all of us is an enemy ..
ARGH ! I can't imagine it .. Our life would be so boring !!
Okey , stop talking bout that ..
Now lets talk bout my 6 Great friends ..
What should I talk bout them ??

So , this is our big sister .. 
 Her name is Phoebie Elize Gabriella ..

This is Estacy Eva ..

This is Brenda or we call her Obey ..
This is Erina ..

The greatest dancer in our group ..
This is Lorida or LenQ ..

This is yrenne or we call her Yun ..

This is it ..
So this is us .. No matter what happen , we gonna be together ..
Love 'em .. :-)

03 March 2011

I ...

Hey boy !!
I can't lie my feelings !!
I miss you damn much !!
I miss your touch ..
I miss you more than others ..
I miss you more than words can say ..
When I'm gonna meet you again ??
I really need you now ..
Really really need you .. 
I miss your touch ..
I don't know why  have this feelings ..
It is too hard for not thinking of you ..
Every minute , every second , every hour of the day will think of you ..
Maybe this is the effect that I love you so much and miss you so damn much ..
Eeeuuuwww , I'm such a crazy people who has this feelings ..
But , 
I just scared that he will search someone new to replace me .. [ Sa jarang jumpa dia ]
I just don't want it happen to me ..
I know it is really hurt 'cause I already feel it ..
Not once BUT many time ..
That's why I don't want to feel it again ..
It is really hurt damn much !!
If my faith is not strong , I could die just because of broken heart ..
Weird right ??
But , you must know me ..
This is me , and I can't change my self !!
Arh ! I hope you won't hurt me ..
I just can't face it anymore ..
I hope that our relationship will be longer than what we think ..
I really hope that we could be together till the end of life ..
I know that this is impossible but I've tried to prove it that we can be together as long as we can be..
Want to know something ?
I never had this felling before ..
But , after I meet you , you change everthing ..
And I thing that you are different than other ..
Every boy will think that they are perfect , they handsome ..
They always follow the new trend to make them look handsome ..
So that every beautiful girl will chase after them ..
Arh ! Stupid girl .. 
But you're not like that ..
I like just the way you are ..
It's so hard to find a person like you ..
I promise I won't leave you ..
I PROMISE ................