03 March 2011

I ...

Hey boy !!
I can't lie my feelings !!
I miss you damn much !!
I miss your touch ..
I miss you more than others ..
I miss you more than words can say ..
When I'm gonna meet you again ??
I really need you now ..
Really really need you .. 
I miss your touch ..
I don't know why  have this feelings ..
It is too hard for not thinking of you ..
Every minute , every second , every hour of the day will think of you ..
Maybe this is the effect that I love you so much and miss you so damn much ..
Eeeuuuwww , I'm such a crazy people who has this feelings ..
But , 
I just scared that he will search someone new to replace me .. [ Sa jarang jumpa dia ]
I just don't want it happen to me ..
I know it is really hurt 'cause I already feel it ..
Not once BUT many time ..
That's why I don't want to feel it again ..
It is really hurt damn much !!
If my faith is not strong , I could die just because of broken heart ..
Weird right ??
But , you must know me ..
This is me , and I can't change my self !!
Arh ! I hope you won't hurt me ..
I just can't face it anymore ..
I hope that our relationship will be longer than what we think ..
I really hope that we could be together till the end of life ..
I know that this is impossible but I've tried to prove it that we can be together as long as we can be..
Want to know something ?
I never had this felling before ..
But , after I meet you , you change everthing ..
And I thing that you are different than other ..
Every boy will think that they are perfect , they handsome ..
They always follow the new trend to make them look handsome ..
So that every beautiful girl will chase after them ..
Arh ! Stupid girl .. 
But you're not like that ..
I like just the way you are ..
It's so hard to find a person like you ..
I promise I won't leave you ..
I PROMISE ................

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