14 January 2011

Not Realize .. :'(

Huh , it's oledy 2 weeks in school ..
And I don't realize it ..
I think the time passes so quickly .. 
And when I think back .. 
I have not seriously want to study ..
But I don't know why I'm still with my last year attitude ..
I always wasting my time playing with my friends ..
Waste my time with nothing ..
I don't know why I'm still not realize that I will take a big exam this year ..
I think I'm stupid !!
Still don't realize what happen now ..
My thinking is still flying up there !!
Gilax2 c Pinnie ..
Belum lagi pandai sedar diri .. 
Huahuahua , xD !
And , I don't know what to write again .. 
Hehe , I think it will end here ..
And the point here is .. 
I'm still not mature yet .. 
But , I'm still be grateful cause , walaupun sa mcm nh ..
Da juga yg mw b'kawan ma sia .. 
Haha , xD !

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