14 April 2012

Funfair on Saturday night ~ bad ~

Wakey wakey ! :) Good morning guys. Post something early today about yesterday night. Keningau ? Keningau had funfair ! Since when ? Dunno , hehe >.< today on 15.04.2012 is the last day and 2 years later, it will come here again.

Okay, about yesterday night. It was sucks ! But not really. Yesterday, me and my friend had plan to go there together. And guest what ? It was raining and he has no mood to go there ! ~.~ sucks ! I was really hoping that I can play all the games there together.

We go there at 9 o'clock and that time, the rain has stop. he really want to go there but , arh ! ~.~ its raining again. - Hancur harapan - haha xD

Fine , heart breaking already. haha! nevermind, 1/2 of my heart gone ! hehe >.< then , we ride the " Transformer " . haha , dunno what the name is. we called it Transformer beacause it was like a robot. ahha.

Then, sedang kami berputar-putar dengan gilanya. Suddenly its raining again ! Gosh, I feels like I'm playing with the rain and it was fun actually. But, it was so cold. When the machine has stop , my clothes was really wet .

arh !! out of mood ! now my heart really 2/2 break ! I ride the spacegun with no feeling ! Then go back . Hope I can go there again tonight ! 

08 April 2012

-- Please understand me --

Please don't judge me ! =)

To those who always think bad about me. Thank you. I don't care if you want to hate me or dislike me.

Because I like you ! Thank you very much ! :)

I don't want to hate anyone but if u force me. YES ! I will surely hate you more than you want me to hate you.

In this Twenty-twelve, i want to forgive people easily.

So, i forgive you. But remember what I said at ' Line 3 ' .

Please understand me okay ? That's all what I want. Thank you . :)

P/s:: No hard feeling okay ? * PEACE ! * ^^