14 January 2011

Not Realize .. :'(

Huh , it's oledy 2 weeks in school ..
And I don't realize it ..
I think the time passes so quickly .. 
And when I think back .. 
I have not seriously want to study ..
But I don't know why I'm still with my last year attitude ..
I always wasting my time playing with my friends ..
Waste my time with nothing ..
I don't know why I'm still not realize that I will take a big exam this year ..
I think I'm stupid !!
Still don't realize what happen now ..
My thinking is still flying up there !!
Gilax2 c Pinnie ..
Belum lagi pandai sedar diri .. 
Huahuahua , xD !
And , I don't know what to write again .. 
Hehe , I think it will end here ..
And the point here is .. 
I'm still not mature yet .. 
But , I'm still be grateful cause , walaupun sa mcm nh ..
Da juga yg mw b'kawan ma sia .. 
Haha , xD !

03 January 2011

First Day In School ..

Huh , am I dreaming ??
am I ?
I can't believe that today I'm  gonna go to school ..
Argh !! Felt sooooo TIRED !!
Tiba2 , kena woke up early in the morning@ pagi-pagi buta !!
Bengkak trus tu mata ma'C g mengantuk nh  ..
But , felt happy c'kit cause I'm gonna meet my friends !!
Miss them so much !!
Semangat jualr sa bngun awal pgi tu..
Haha , saya yg pling awal antara duang suma nh pigi sQuw| ..
Hehe.. Urm ,wanna know sumthing ??
Kebanyakan duang berubah udah ..
Tpi sa rsa len nh ..
Okey lr perubahan duang , tpi sa rsa kekok nh trus ..
Sa kurang men jua td..
Huh ! Tpi sa mengantuk !!
Awal2 assemble ..
Siap assemble trus bwat kerja gila d klas !!
Hehe ,nda bhu .. 
Kmi susun meja nh ..
Argh ! Angkat meja pun sa penat berabis nh ..
Mcm hri nh kejap jax msa persekolahan sa rsa ..
Tpi sa mengantuk berabis ..
Msa BM lg lr , sparuh2 jax sa dengar cg b'ckap ..
Yg len , sa nda dengar udah nh ..
Tlampau mengantuk brabis ..
Cg sruh m'bca pun sa nda mampu udah nh ..
Mau jua sa tidur ..
Kena mrah lg tu ..
Urm , what am I talking about ??
[ =.="]  naa , sab|ur udah nh pa mw ckap ..
Mybe cause tired bha nh ..
k  , daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ......

01 January 2011

It's 2011 !!

Happy New Year to all readers !! May this year brought you a better year than before .. I hope that what we want the best for this year reached .. 
Lets talk about 2011 ..
Do you think this year will be your better year than before ?? 
Then , what is your felling when you step to this year ?? 
Fell better , happy or sad ?? 
Wanna know bout mine ??
I fell better , happy and a little sad ..
I fell better because all my problems in the past years have elapsed ..
I'm happy for begin my new life in this new year ..
I'm sad to remember all the bad things that I do last year ..
I feel like I want to turn back to the time that I'm doing the bad stuff and doing it well ..
 When I re-think it , I fell so stupid !!
Why can I do that stupid things ???
So , weird .. Okey2 , stop talking bout that .. 
Now lets talk bout my ' Azam Baru' ..
My 'Azam Baru' is .. 
Study Smart !!
Be a Good Girl ..
Attitude will always good in others eyes .. [ hehe ]
Always obey what parents say .. 
Keep faith in God ..
That's mine ..
How bout yours ??
I really hope I can reached all this ..
Huh , time goes so fast .. 
Skijap jax , 2011 udah .. 
Okey , got to go .. 
Continue latter .. 
Daaaaaaa , thanx 4 reading it ..
God Bless Us All !!