29 November 2011

Boy should become a Man !

1. follow you when you walk out
2. call you back when you hang up
3. hug you when you punch him
4. kiss you when you nag
5. watch chick-flicks with you
6. tolerate your crying over love stories
7. hand you the remote control
8. pass on booze night just to listen to your rantings
9. don't flare up when you give a car directions
10. says " I'm sorry " and tells you he needs you

Yes , it was true .. 
Boy , you should be a man ..
But , girls .. I know it was so hard to find a boy that has turn to a man .. 
It was very difficult ..
Trust me girls , make you boyfriend really fall in love with you then they will really really easy to change to become a real man for you ..

24 November 2011

Good Morning DUNIA !!

Want to ask something ..
Is it morning or midnight ?
Haha! Just a short post here ..
Dunno what to post again ..
yaa yaa , long time no update my blog ..
I just don't have time to log in my blog even to log in the 'sosial' web FACEBOOK !
Our internet has been cut !
hehe , my mama belom pay the bill ..
So this is the short post ..
Good morning bloggers2 sekalian ..