12 February 2013

Dear Diary - part 8

whoop ! hey ! :) its been awhile that i didn't update my blog. (awhile ? wtf! it's been two month) haha! as usually, i will ask the same question like how are u guys? good? fine? how's your holiday ? and ect. but, i wont going to ask such question again because i know that no one will answer it right? i dont even think that people will read my entry. okay, last time, i post about some searching blog game right ? about mimi razzmiera? actually, she found my blog the next day after i post it. and im just lazy to update it because im out of idea what to type.

so, is it too late to say Happy New Year ? no right ? because now is the Chinese New Year, so happy CNY to all chinese and to those who celebrate it. okay, lets talk about this new 2013!

this year, i will be the senior of our school which is meant the eldest one. but! none of my junior knew that i am their senior because of my height. there's these one day at canteen, my tall-little-junior called me adik.  what the f*** ? haha! but, i just smile at her for she don't know that i'm older than her. it's okay, as long as she didn't act rude in front of me. 

let's talk about my education. this year, i will take this big exam which all the Form Five students scared of. SPM. yes, me too scared to take it. but this exam is the only way to make your future look bright. no! it's not the only way but its the first steps to catch your high dream to those who really got a high dream. from this two month study, i suddenly felt that sciene stream class is not a joke. it was really hard for those who didn't take a serious study like me last year. because it's too late to catch up last year lesson. really hard ! maybe if we put a lot of effort like one thousand times effort than before, maybe we'll get it. but for a lazy people like me, don't even think to get an excellent result. haha. really ! im serious. the less effort that you give, the bad result that you get. am i right ? who the hell i am to talk like this ? because me myself didn't start yet to do a serious study ! stupid me right ? i take this as a joke although it was for real.

before this, when school has start for the first 2013, i really get the spirit to go to school, to do a homework, to listen every single word that the teachers said, to take a note everything that's important. but now? here stuck in front of this laptop played game, waste my time watching tv and all the thing that useless. i really are didn't appreciate time. how expensive the time is to waste right ? only useless person like me didn't use time well. so, don't follow me. haha. the thing is, our future is in our own hand.

i still need to type all i wanted to but something make me feel out of mood. sorry. will write another story on the next post.