26 October 2011

Worst Birthday ! :(

Today was my birthday. The day that I waited each year. In this special day, hope it will gonna be my great great day . I hope I will always happy today. I’m hoping that from yesterday.

When I just woke up this morning, I already make a smile when I read a text message from him wishing my birthday. It’s funny because he wrote a long long wishes for me. And I like it so much. But at the end of the wishes, there’s something that he wrote that make my feeling hurt and sad. “ What did he say that make my feelings hurt ?” I think it’s better if I keep it as a secret. All that I expected , isn’t come true .. I thought  that I will always smile this day or laugh. But I was wrong. Yeah, maybe I smile for a while but it’s mean nothing to me to smile only for 5 minute.

There’s so many happen to me until my teardrop can’t stop flowing. It start yesterday when my mom told us something that really really really make me hurt and hate that person, but I can’t. That’s why I expected to have a nice day today. But it was just a dream. Why should this happen on my special day? It was too hard for me to forget something fast even to forget someone.
I go through many things only in one day. Maybe this is what God want me to go throught . I’ve got to accept it well. But no matter what, I’m still need to say congratulation for myself for being so brave to accept this all. [ Bkn mau minta puji arh ] Orang cakap, setiap yang berlaku ada hikmahnya. Tapi saya tidak tahu apa hikmah yang saya dapat. Just can wait and see. So that’s all from me. The worst birthday that I ever had in my life. But it’s okay for me. I know I still can celebrate my birthday with a smile. 

24 October 2011

Friends , I need you ..

Hello there peeps !
Today I'm going to say about friendship. 
I miss my friend so much ! 
So , have a nice day peeps ! :)

Having a million friends is not a miracle.
A miracle is having a friend who will stand by you when millions are against you .

Friendship is like a book.
It takes few secaond to burn,
but it takes years to write.

* a short post here , thanx for reading *

22 October 2011

Wrong person

" The WRONG person always comes at the right time.
But the RIGHT person always comes at the wrong time. "

I always like this .. 
When I need someone to make me happy , the wrong person that I don't need come and make me sad again ..  DAMN ! This is shit !

21 October 2011

I Will Always LOVE You ..

Yes , it was true .. 
I never like you but I love you so much !
I promise to my self that I love you until I die .. 
YES ! Until I die ..
I swear .. 

* sorry kalau terlalu jiwang. Hari ni mood saya mau b'jiwang. Hehe. Peace ! ^^ *

20 October 2011

It's a girl personality ..

Look at the statement above.
It's show a girl personalities.
It's DAMN true !
Each girl has this 5 personality in their self.
Always change and change so they look better in others eyes.
Yes I admit that girl is weird.
But it was because they want to be perfect.

19 October 2011

Something that could make my heart feel better ..

Playing piano is one of my hobby.
A hobby that can make my heart feel better when I'm sad ..