02 June 2012

Blessed Sabbath with Cousin !

 Happy Sabbath to all the Seventh-Day Adventist! Today, I have a nice Sabbath with all my lovely cousin. Not all of them were here at kampong but never mind, I’m just hoping if they all were here. This is some of my cousin that I hang with today.
This is Sherra a.k.a Pinky. She’s 16 years old like me.
This is Cecelia Jaisin. She is the one that I told was studying at US .

There’s still many of my cousin but I didn’t have a chance to take it. Haha! xD
Okay , without wasting time. Here are the video that my mom took for me while I’m singing in front of the church.

( sila pastikan SCM music player sudah di matikan dan pastikan anda menterbalikkan kepala anda untuk melihat video ini. Terima kasih )

The sound quality was not really good because my mom use my Samsung Corby II to record it. I didn’t say the phone was not good but only the sound quality. Huh ~.~ ( ayat tunggang tebalik )
You enjoy it ? haha! I was so nervous when I stand in front and I can’t stop shaking. Okay , stop talking about me. There’s still 3 special song, but my mom record it using a camera and I don’t know if she already transferred it to the laptop or not. I post it another time okay ?
After church, I hang with my cousin at home and share many story together. We always laugh , laugh, and laugh. Wow! My stomach was really hurt. I just can’t stop laughing when they told us funny story.

me with the naughty little cousin.

In the evening, we cleaned  the house because the closing Sabbath was held at grandma house a.k.a we celebrate her birthday party and mother’s day for my grandma.
Here are some of the picture.


They not so many, but I still enjoy it. many of them was my cousin. Maybe all of them I can say as my cousin. Haha! Live with cousin that I really don’t know. After the closing Sabbath done, suddenly its rain and it was really sad because we can’t celebrate the party like we thought. But never mind, nasib ada bawah kulung juga. Hehe >.<
Happy mother’s day Grandma ! and what’s make the party become more sad, its black out ! sudahlah hujan, teda current lg. haish! Can’t take more picture, got no flash on my phone. So, makan only guna lilin saja. What the ……. Nevermind.