01 June 2012

TWO choices ? choose ONE only !

Good morning ! J So today is Friday. The seven day of school holiday. Himh, for the last 6 days. What have you done ? me, I do nothing . stuck at home and being crazy alone, read some novel. Yeaah, sucks ! hehe >.< Himh, yesterday. My friend told me that our church will organize an Ambassador camping. I was really excited when I hear about that camping because it was the first Ambassador camping.

But at the same time, my mother told us that we will going back to our village. ARGH ! Sad again . L why there is always have two choices ? I hate this situation. If I didn’t go to kampong, then I can’t meet my cousin that study at US. If I didn’t join the camp, I will miss the best activities. Yuck! I hate choices ! so, I decided to meet my cousin. I hope there still another Ambassador camping next time.

Okay, done packing. Its time to go! On my way to car, I receive a text message from .. OMG ! can’t believe that number will come to my phone again. He said, “ please meet me. I already buy you a chocolate. Please take it. Susah-susah ja saya beli kalau tidak kena ambil “ WHAT ? chocolate ! I love chocolate ! I ask my mother if she could sent me there to take it and my mother agree. YES ! I’ve got two reason why I’m happy. First, because I can meet him again. Second, I can eat chocolate from him. ( itu pun mau happy. Ish pelik )

so , this is my sad+happy face. Jaja. The Domo is tebalik liao.

arrive at his house, take the chocolate, chat with him for a while and have to go. My mother said 10 second window. Himh, so sorry. I can’t be long. Shake hands, say thank you then go. It was Dark Chocolate and it taste very sweet and delicious ! thank you very much ! I LOVE it ! >.< I eat it alone ! I know it was so sweet but because it was a gift, so I don’t want to share it with others. Haha! How greedy I am. >.<
 Don’t look at my face, ugly. Haha! And again , thank you. I was so full that time. I eat a lot along the way. Chocolate + Pringles + Kebab + Milky tea . Wow! Be ready world! I’ll be a fat-fatty girl ! hahaha!

Bla bla bla, didn’t realize arrive already. Ouch ! my butt was really hurt. Sit on the car for a few hours. I saw my grandma watching TV. She open the door and hug me. Hehe, miss you grandma. The others just arrive from planting the rubber tree at ‘ bukit ‘. I saw their tired face. Let them take a rest and I watch TV. Hehe, got no astro at home. >.<

I wait, wait and wait. All my cousin has arrive. SHOCK ! my cousin from Kota Marudu being bigger again. Himh, what did she it at US ? never mind, what’s important I can meet her again. Okay ! so its Sabbath night . himh, my uncle said. We have to prepare 5 special songs for tomorrow. But how can we search that five song ? we only laugh , laugh and laugh. This is us when we meet. Many story to be told. Haha! While we practicing our song. I take my little cousin picture. Look, they are so cute !
This is ( I don’t know how spell her name ) A-zie
This is Aaron
Both 6 and 5 years old respectively. Cute right ? But they are so naughty. Sometime, we can’t control them. Haha! Its hard to take care of them. So, my story ends here. Before that , I want to show you Sampalao picture .

Like Baboon right ? hahaha! He’s 16. Same as me.
NIGHT peeps ! ^^