30 May 2012

i have to .. :'(

  whow ! what is this ? what happen outside until i cant go out ? huh , -.- its happen again. love hurt me once again. yes ! im trying to keep it safe from broken but i just cant ! im not strong enough to face this hurt. i have to let it go. look at the picture. if i were strong enough , i would use all my energy to run as fast as possible to catch that ' thing ' but i just cant. something hold onto me. i feel like someone told me to just let it go. you know how much it hurt to leave someone that you really love right ? that how i feel. ~.~ i've lost it just now . uuuurrrwwwaaa !! i think i want to cry a lot ! :'( i realize that i cant catch it back. i want it came to me by itself. i dont want to find it anymore. i want it find me. :|

 boy , i know you hurt too . i feel so sorry to you. but i think you've made a right decision. you are too good, too nice and too kind for a person who is too cruel for you. i admit i still love you and will always love you ! but i know you not feel the same as i am. its okay. not longer than now , pandai la juga saya terima kenyataan . i just need to say that im so sorry for all the mistake that i have done to you. i hope you can accept my apologize.

Pinnie ! dont cry please . :( huh, tears really cant stop flowing from my eyes. ( habis la air mata ) haha xD Pinnie , listen. you have to be brave, you have to be stronger. Please accept what have you done. This was all your fault. so you dont have to regret for it. You are the one who make this happen, why should you cry for ? just accept this. all you have to do is be brave be strong. always smile and continue your life. just think that its never happen at all. - BE STRONG ! -