29 May 2012

i have to face it !

today i had an opportunity to update my blog. this blog is abandoned already. poor bloggie ~.~
sorry to say, i have no mood to post something here. even i have time to online but i really lazy to update even enter my blog. what type of blogger oo me ? -.- fine, after a lot of days facing many problems. today i have to shout it here. before that i need to say thank you to our technology for giving us an online diary which we can express our feeling and our burden.

there is so much happen to me on this may. my 2012 teenage life is full about love. huh , love come anytime and anywhere. and this love really make me a little bit confuse and tidak tentu arah. saya sedar perubahan diri saya sekarang. now i like to sit alone and if i may i dont want to talk to anybody else. love really makes me hurt. sometimes i think i want to be a ' single lady ' but i dont know why. i just cant ! i dont want to leave someone or anything. let them leave me. 

haha! dont you think that it is funny ? love really makes me hurt but i dont know why i dont want to leave that ' thing '. my life is incomplete without it. now a days, we always arguing even about a small thing. i was really sad when he mad at me like im the one who is always wrong. sometimes he the one who start it first but he never admit it. i always mengalah if he mad at me but if saya tidak tahan already i mad him back. 

himh, its hard to believe each other when we are far apart. like before, when i had a camping. he text me but i was so busy and got no time to reply his message. i dont know what on his mind and mad at me suddenly. i explain to him that i was really busy but he didnt believe me and accused me that i am searching for someone else. grrrr !! ~.~ can you please understand me please ?? :| 

hey, i got this feeling. i feel like our relationship is no longer ~.~ yes , i can feel it. saya berusaha sudah mau jaga bagus-bagus but .... HUH ! its hard to explain. i can't blame him 100 percent. but most of this problem came from himself. hey boy, i always want to avoid us from arguing about something. but i have a feeling too. i cant take it when you say something nonsense about me. so sorry ~.~ im trying to understand you now.

- i was hoping that you understand me too -