23 June 2012

- be patient ANGLE ! -


First of all , i want to say sorry because i use bad words before this. i am really sorry. i just can't control my self to say such a thing. i just feel like this world was rally unfair ! :'( urm , no need to know la because of what. talking about love give me nothing. i don't care who they want to fall in love with , i give up.

 but there's someone that i really admire about. ( it's a girl , not boy ) for me , she's really perfect. Got pretty face, cute, clever and everything that i don't have , have in her . now , i know that she's in pain. maybe i am a busy body but i really interested in their love story . before i post something on my blog , i go to her blog first. and when i read her entry , it give me an inspiration to post something on my blog. her language was really good and i am so touched with her sad story. i don't want to mentioned who the person is. let it be secret. i don't want anyone know that i'm admiring her. the reason why i am so admiring with her is because she was a strong person. no matter how hurt she is , she always have to be strong in front of anyone else. she did not want to show her sadness to anyone because she don't want to tells that actually she was very week . 

WOW ! awesome ! my hero , can you please tell me how did you do that ? that was the hard thing to do when i hurt. every time i hurt , i must tell someone so that my burden feels a little bit light. but for you, it was just an easy thing to do. i know that it is hard for you too. but the problems that you face was a BIG problems to me and now you still can say ' im okay & im fine ' . Angle , the boy that make you hurt everyday is really blind. he suppose have to feel gratefully that he have own you. but how STUPID he is to leave you and together with someone that got no any of your characteristic. yes angle , he was really stupid for me. hey , you are an angle for me. angle didn't cry kan ? so don't be sad okay ? I know there's someone that one thousand times better than him. i know one day, someone new will make you happy forever. Please don't give up my angle ! i will always give you a support. although if you didn't know. >.<

p/s: Oh My English ! ~.~