26 June 2012

well , i can't give up on you !!


Okay , just got back from school. now on 6.26 PM. i got a full re-ha-sel for our 3 in 1 celebration tomorrow. " Pergi berhantar, datang bersambut " for our old and new principle, " Hari Guru " for our teacher's and " Hari Ulang Tahun Sekolah " for our school's reunion. really sucks right ? our school always do any activities on last minute and always makes us murky and doing things on last minute was really not my like. before this yes ! but now, i really hate that stuff. because it can ruin my day just because i need to think what to do. our class had planned to make something on this celebration but i don't know why that we never discuss about it. once i heard to make a ' Choral speaking ' but they canceled it because they don't like because they want to make something interested than that. so, they decided to make a ' Choir '. Our song is Laskar Pelangi. you know that song ? yaa, that song is a slow song and i really LOVE it ! 

 please enjoy this song ! turn off the SCM music player first.

okay, stop talking about that thing. I want to talk about this someone that i really love. i love him but he don't know that i keep that feeling to him. When i know that he had a special girlfriend, i was a little bit upset and i try to forget him, try to not to think about him and try to avoid my self from meeting him. actually i don't like to do things like this but i think this is the best way so that i can throw this STUPID feeling that he will never know i kept it silently. okay, it hurts a lot to forget someone that you love. :'(

Just now, i checked his facebook account and i saw he post something weirdly. 
" Don't make time to people who don't make time for you "
actually, i don't know to whom he dedicated this sentence but i really got a BIG feeling that it was dedicated for me. Yes ! i know it was for me. ( maybe ) wow, hurts again. before this, we're actually a closed and very closed friend ! this friend relationship make me want to change our status from friend to " ******* " [ arh ! crazy ] he too always treat me like he has the same feeling like me too. yaa, he treat me like that. when we text, he always talk some cute stuff and it's really make me want to melt like and ice. My heart was always like flowering every time i saw him. yuck ! Gete la saya. >.< but this is the truth ! Just in cast i want you to know that i feel like i'm being played by you . suddenly we didn't be closed again and shock-ly ! when i knew that you were taken. okay, like i told you before this. i was trying to avoid my self from him. and every time i look at him and he look at me again, i quickly throw my eyes to others place and every time he talks to me, i didn't replied and make something stupid in front of him ! Sorry la kalau ko terasa dengan perbuatan saya but maybe this is the best way to us.

I treat him like that everyday. siapa suruh , orang sakit hati kan . :( it's okay la if you also don't want to look at me again. i didn't say i don't care but i just can't do anything. i am nothing to you, so what the hell i am to control your life right ? saya tiada hak langsung terhadap diri kau. okay bye ! :)

p/s: Oh My English !