30 March 2013

Dear Diary - part 11

wallaaa ! hello :) now here i come in part 11. i suppose to take a nap right now but my hand suddenly change the direction from clicking the shut down button to 'google' and type blogger on the search column. haha. i'm now addicted to post something here. hehe. 

fuhh ! i'm so tired and sleepy! i couldn't sleep well last night. i'm tired, sleepy and moody! moody ? why ? because of this person ! i mean another person that i don't want to mention his/her name. yesterday i talked about someone else and today i wanted to talked about anyone else again. so before that, if that-person read this post, i know you will mad at me or yell or what ever. but i do this for your own good. i mean, you are someone who can't accept any 'teguran' from anyone. so, to prevent from hurting you, it's better if you can read this by your own.

To that person. you are someone annoying to us. you're now 20+ ( i don't even remember how old are you and i really don't want to remember it at all ) we all know that you are the eldest and we should respect you.  but it doesn't mean that you can make us as your servant! such as, you always told us to take your food and give us a dumb excuse! ' ada saya mau buat '. what the .. ? you do nothing ! you just play with someone baby and when your food arrive you eat someone else food too! it's seems like the food that we took for you is not enough! arh! we all are sick of this! it's like you are the boss and we are the worker without any salary! i know that sometimes you gives us a free book from the place you work but it also didn't mean that you can ask us to take your food every week ! can't you see that we are not honest to do that work at all! can't you see our face ? we are really not sincere to do it at all ! fuh! we are just trying to respect you ! just wait and see you-person, when i got the courage to face you, i will tell you the truth that you are such a jerk ! if i write all the bad habits that you had maybe i can't finish typing until tomorrow ! it's just to many things that  you do wrong ! there's another thing that i didn't like about you. you like to 'menginas' your lover money. i mean, did you love that person or just because you love their money ? you should realize that-person. you really are should realize it. because not only me but all of us started to annoy with your childish attitude ! thank you if read this! 

huh. it's all the same. nothing but a complain from me. no! im not coward! i just don't like to hurt anyone because it make me really guilty. who feel the same as me ? then thank you because you know how i feel. :)