31 March 2013

Dear Diary - part 12


good evening you all ! :) hah! it's the end of the holiday. so what's your feelin' ? bad ? yeah, me too. it's like the time goes too fast. i even didn't finish my homework yet. screw me. got punish by teacher later. haha.

yuck! got nothing to say. another complain from me. now i realize that i hate my layout. yuck! it's all pink! haha! it's too girly right ? and the 'welcome' thing, don't you think it's a little bit annoying ? every time you click somthing, it's appear! even when you click previous, home and next and ANYTHING ! it's so sad that i can't take it off already because it say 'permenant'. once you delete the html, you can't access to your blog anymore. whoah ! sot forever. i ever think about making a new account but i really love this blog! since this is my first blog and i already write a lot of thing! okay okay, i try to accept this as a fate. 

hey hey, im alone at home right now with only my father and it feels awkward ! what do you feels when you're only 'bedua-duan' with someone you don't close with ? it's really awkward right ? haha! that's what i feel and i don't even know what to do. it feels so stupid to have this weird feeling. haha.

hey, when school season is coming then i'm going to be busy again and maybe got no time to post something here. but i will try my best. when i think t back, i really are got a lot to do but i don't know why i didn't take it seriously. i mean, i didn't manage my time well. you see, i got this thing to do.
1) Drama practice. 2) School choir practise. 3) Compose a song for church choir. 4) Study.
okay, i know it's just a little but all this activity need a lot of energy. the drama and school choir competition is really near the corner and the time to practise for both of the activity is same! i hope both of my teacher understand me if i'm late for practice. it is so tiring. but i do this just because i wanted a mark for my co-curicolum. not because of that, but because of experience. yes, i'm hunger for experience! haha. it's all because this is my last year to feel high school, to feel the happiness of being a student in high school. whoah. im old and i didn't realize it. the feeling of being teenager is really great! i really wanted to keep young. FOREVER YOUNG babe ! okay, i know it's out of topic. i'm out of idea. but the point is, no matter how fun it is to be a teenager, it is still tiring because i faced a lot of 'pencobaan'. just like all the teenager. 

okay, let me told you something. a decision is made by ourselves right ? so, to be good or bad is in our own hand. it's our own choices to choose what we wanted. don't let anybody control you because they don't deserve it! sometimes people said that ' he's/she's being like that because of their friends '. NO! it's really are not because of friends! maybe a little but i still wanted to denied it! it's true. let  me tell you something. it is all because of faith. 

i don't know what am i talking about. it just feels like i'm judging right now but i'm not. huah! sleepy! nothing but a complain from me. sorry for the unmeaning post today because i really are blur.