25 March 2013

Dear Diary - part 9

well, hello guys ! here i come again to make you see a new update! hehe :) it's one week holiday though. so, happy holiday guys! hope you all enjoyed your holiday !

         from me :)

haha! i'm not going to post only like that la. it's way too boring right ? the way i type, the way i talk, and the way i try to attract people. hurm. i made no different at all. hahaha. when will i going to change? i know my english is stupid and i always give a reason that this is the way i want to improve it. but the result is the same. i am not going to improve at all! haha. okay stop talking about it. hurm, i don't even know what to say. -.-

ouhya! i'd just finish taking me exam last week and i felt like really dumb shit. how could i look the exam easily and skip the question that i don't know to answer and never look back! oh my gosh! i really are didn't realize right? i should take the exam seriously but i do the opposite thing! you know what i thought? ' oh. spm is still way too far from now. maybe i still can sit, move my leg like a boss and relax ' stupid dumb shit! 

okay. i don't want to really say that i'm that stupid. i'm afraid that i will be -.-
[ blank ]
[ blank ]
[ blank ]

haa! relax! your computer is okay. it's i am the one who wrote it. 

okay, here's the real one. Last Wednesday on 20 March , me and my six others friend had participate this competition called ' Puisi & Lagu ' at Vocasional school hall. the thing is, the time for us to practice the song that we should bring it to the competition is only ONE day !! don't you think it's sound ridiculous ? YES IT IS! when we get there, i think we are only bring shame from our school! why ? because our performance is the ugliest one! others school seems like already practice for one or two months or two or three weeks, and it's look wonderful! arh! it's so awful ! and the worst part? our group is the first group to present our song! can you imagine it ? another unimaginable how ashamed i was :( i don't know to blame who. because 
1) our teacher's said that the organizer wrote the wrong date on the letter about the competition. 
2) our teacher always do something on last-minute
3) as the violinist, i don't eve know my part!

so, who should i blame of ? first of all, i was so proud that i can participate this competition because i never be on it before. second, because it's my last year that i'd be on my school. but, it's all ruin! oh! i won't forget this date. haha. but there's one thing i got from this day. EXPERIENCE ! yes! that's what i need ! my ambition is to be a teacher. so one day, when i be in charge to take care the students, i will do my best! :) hahahahahahahahahaha. <-- evil laugh ! 

that's all for today. sorry for the unmeaning sentence and unmeaning story and unmeaning language :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS GUYS !