22 July 2012

you are my ECSTACY !


hello everbody ! abandoned blog ? yeah, thats mine. aiyoyoh, just felt a little bit lazy to post something here. to tell about my story life. but now ! yeah, i really got that mood. okay, i'm going to tell you that now i am taking drug ! haha! joke only. >.< i mean here, this someone is just like an ECSTACY for me ( drug ). yeah, yesterday i saw him. okay, don't know what's make me really excited but i think i really addicted to you ! 
this is so ridiculous ! how can i replace him as a drug ? lol.

 okay, still yet you never looked at me. im okay with that. i can't say i want to be your secret admire because you already knew it right ? haha! okay, first of all i was really shame that you already knew it. but when i think it back, you must not care right ? its okay, i want to be forever young ! stay single may be boring but at the same time it was really fun ! :) trust me.

- marshmellow -