17 October 2012

Dear Diary - part 6


wow! hi there again ! didn't see you just now. ( bla , what is this ? stupid ! ) so guys ! yesterday , i forgot to post something here. ( tida dapat curi wi-fi )


just now , we have History paper-3 .. i know it was an open book test. tapi exam ini sangat menyeksa tangan saya !! >.<! panjang-panjang konon mau tulis, tapi markah seciput. lepas tu, empat soalan terakhir mau kena fikir sendiri. hahaha! i am really not interesting to give any suggestion how to improve this *tuuuttt*. ( prohibited ) okay ! but the thing that i like about is, it will help us to get mark easily and past the history exam. okay , I LOVE MALAYSIA !

so from now on, history is not my killer subject again. the reason that i never past history subject before this is because my memory is low. ( otak bengong, kepala full, sekejap lupa fakta ) haha! the thing that i really need to take care of is " Chemistry ". yes ! that is my killer subject now. this is because i don't know how to make the chemical equation. no matter how hard our chemistry teacher teach me, i still don't get it. i still like " errrrrrrrrrr , again ? " like that.

hahahahahahahaha ! chemistry !! you really are make my age shorten. we also take chemistry paper-3 today and i was like " what is this ? " i know nothing. haha. you know what , i create my own stupid experiment. i had no idea at all !  i bet teacher will laugh to see my answer. haha , shame on me.

so , to release my frustated , i sing a lot just now at music room. hahahha.. i know that my voice is not pretty much nice , but i can't sit there and be quiet. i must do something. when i think it back , i know that there is someone that think i'm annoying. i didn't sit properly and keep moving. haha. i don't care. as long as i can release my tension. my friends !! they all sing loudly and i was so enjoy watching they sing like they forgot that many pupils are around them. haha , they are funny ! :)
thanks friend for making me laugh a lot today.