15 October 2012

Dear Diary - part 5


Guys ! just now i just face another exam that really make me out of mood. hehe. but it was my fault actually. i didn't look my book at all last night. actually i want to but my dad bring us to have a dinner at KFC last night. i cannot refuse it. i really wanted to go too! or not , my little brother will only make me jealous. 

one the way, i already decide to study after we came back home later. arrived there, i saw some of my school students and saw my classmate, Mimi Razmierra. i thought that she saw me but in fact, it is not. haha! in the KFC restaurant ( is it restaurant ? ) , there was a birthday party and there children was to noisy, annoying and everything that make you GODLESS !! but still i enjoy my food because of my hungry-ness .. although they were too noisy, but i still think that they are funny and laugh every time i saw they doing something that weird and weirdo .. you know children , always having fun as long as they around with their friends.. and i was like that too when i was in their age.

so! after taking my dinner, we directly go back home. remember that i said i want to study? i'm not doing it. buduh kan ? i was too full and i feel sleepy. i admit that, that time i still didn't take a bath. so i push my self to take a bath and i feel a little bit fresh. so i go downstair. BUT! my father was watching tv at that time ( around 9 ). i look at the clock and say " it's still early, maybe i can use a few time to watch this movie too. it look interesting." but actually it is not. 

not longer that that, my mother arrived at home ( around 9.30 ) and called us to opened the door. that time i already felt a little bit sleepy. PLUS ! my mother bought a lot of food and most of it was my favorite. apa lagi , makan punya makan, lama-lama mengantuk ! and what do you think i do after that ? of course la SLEEPING !! 

see? i did not have a chance to take a look at my book neither. the truth is, i have it. it just me that didn't use the chance well. so today in the morning, i woke a little bit early than before to do my short-revision. Thank God that i still can remember a little bit that i read. but yet , i still can't answer most of  the question. The moral value is, don't make something last minute. Don't let lazy control your self! and believe me, if you still let it control you, you will be regret like me. hahahahahahahha!

By the way , today is the last day for our PMR candidate to take their paper right ? Congratulation to them then. i hope that you all will get an excellent achievements .. :) Don't plan to have a honeymoon first, because after this you will have another big and the BIGGEST exam that will sow your future. please remember that. Don't be like me .. ( err, actually. nobody wants to be like me. ahha xD )

so long peeps! mau belajar dulu ! ( kunun la , padahal tidur )