02 March 2012

The Third Month of year 2012

Hello guys ! Here I come again. Fuhh, ugly right my blog ? Never mind, at least I still can post something here right ? By the way, how are you guys ? Fine ? Good ! Nice to here it. [ I know your answer is yes xD ] So, today's title is - look by yourself - haha! Kidding. Dunno why did I choose that title, got no idea.

Today, I can't believe I post something on March. My goat ! haha. Am I dreaming ? It's March now and you know what that's mean ? Th exam is coming. Wow, time goes so fast.

I am not ready to face the exam yet. I know nothing, gaga! xD The hard subject for me is ' Physics '. This subject really killed me. It makes me like my brain want to come out from my head. >.< What I scared is, I can't answer any question on exam because every time my Physics teacher gave us an exercise, I can't answer it even one Question. Crazy right ? Hate this subject ! Sorry teacher. It makes me crazy.. ~.~

Okay, forget bout my ' Physics ' thing. Lets talk about my February story. I can't remember much but I'll tyr my best.

Last February, I have many problem about love. And that problem which make me lazy to see my book. I mean make some revision or do some homework. It start like this. We never meet since January the we always arguing about many thing even a small thing. From that on, my feeling to him suddenly gone. I don't know why. Maybe because he never want to meet me anywhere and guess what ? I like someone else at my school. Haha! Crazy little me. He was my friend actually and young then me. What makes me like him is because of his attitude. He's friendly and a little bit handsome xD haha! But, I don't want to hurt my 'bofie' heart even though he hurt me a lot because I know that is the meaning of love. No matter how much he hurt you, he still love you. - Chewahh ! -
After I think cook-cook. <--- Translate 100% from " fikir masak-masak" =.=" I don't want to make any scandal or play wood three <--- " main kayu tiga ". Hahaha ! And here we go again. The end.

That was my love story on February. About my class and friends. It's still okay, even though my two friends had a small problems and again they fighting. But, it's okay now. My class, himhh... I like my class now.Most of them was so funny and make me laugh until my tummy get hurt. Even though they were so funny and like to  playing joke around, they was so serious on study. They play on play time and study on study time. Not only them, but me also. Hehe, I learn it from them and that was my routine. Play during play time and study during study time. 

Sometimes, I was to proud for being a nerd person. Haha! Not nerd, I mean like smart. Bukan untuk meninggi diri yaa. But I never being like this before. Yeah, you know what I mean. From year 1 until form 3, I never study hard like now. I realize when I entered this ' Science ' class that I must be a hard-working person because ' SPM ' is so important to us ! 

I'm so sorry if you think that I'm to proud of my self because this is me ! The real me ! The real Pinnie and not anyone else ! I be my self .. Huuuuu .. 

So , that's my story for today. Thank you for reading it. Really appreciate and I want to read yours too. Please response to me so I can read your story too. And about my 100% translate from Bahasa to English, just ignore it. It was just for fun.