13 March 2014

Dear Diary - part 20

whoot whoot !

Quick post here. I woke up early today because I'm going to hang out with my friends. so, waking up early is a must! (hehe)

ok! actually, im going to say about my blog. don't you think it sucks? (-.-) i mean, its pink with 'Welcome to my blog, click here to enter' every time i click 'next'. oh! it really sucks! i try to remove it, but it can't. if i delete the HTML for that setting, my whole blog will be ruin! im thinking of making a new blog but i just love this blog. (T.T) help help help ? i hope one day i'll found the solution for this.

whoot whoot again !
SoundCloud. sounds familiar? yes, its the apps in playstore (to those who got Android smart phone). I suddenly get addicted to cover songs because of that apps. i've been recording few songs now but i still didn't post it because i got no confidence to do it. one day when i got one, i'll tell.

see? really really quick post right. 'till we meet again in the next entry. Have a nice day ! :)