15 March 2014

Dear Diary - part 21

Happy Birthday Buddy

Happy Birthday to you ! Happy Birthday to you ! Happy Birthday to Adrian ! Happy Birthday to you ! :) make a wish and blow the candle ! (hehe)

This is Adrian. He is one of my new friend. Today is his 20th birthday and we (Keningau Adventist Youth) planned to surprised him. although it is not that 'fancy' surprised, it is enough to make him happy. and the most precious moment for us is, he was so touched and cry a little bit. He said this was his first surprised birthday! and that made us glad because we are the first members that fill his sweet memory in his life.

Adrian is a very talented person. He could play guitar, ukulele and keyboard too. I don't know if there's still any music instrument that he could play because he is someone who is fast-learning whenever he wanted to learn something. (I guess) i'm just saying based on what his twins-brothers told us.

This is his brother. Unfortunately, his twins doesn't make to come. 
Just because this is the only picture of me and him. (Just a friend okay?)

This is some of the moment that we create in his life. (kunun la) hehe

We are the remaining youth (Keningau Adventist Youth). With this number of members, we combined our strength and effort together to carry out our duty as a youth to spread about Him and to tell people about the truth.

IDK what am i saying right now. haha. maybe it was because i'm sleepy. Thats the story of today :) See ya next time !