18 March 2014

Dear Diary - part 22

Greeting fellas, with love and care. so here i am again in front of this not-so-cute-notebook to update my messy-blog. im so glad that i had a free time to write something, of course. it's been a while. well, im not that type of person who is way too busy with something but im that type of person who got a lame and inactive brain to think about something to talk about. yes, im that type of person.

to tell the truth, im suck at blogging. yes, i really do. the reason why i started blogging was not because of my own desire but due to my desire to have what others people have. if you get what i mean here is that im just following what most people do that time. i started blogging on 2010 (im 14 years old that time), and that was the time where most of my facebook newsfeed filled with the word 'blog'. at first i wonder what kind of web is it and wondering why do people keep mentioning about it. so i click every link that they shared and found out that it was something like 'electronic diary'. it's not really a diary but whenever i read their blog, they're just like spitting out all that goes through their mind emotionally. so i assume that they treat blog as their diary.

other than that, i got this one friend which is four years younger than me but being exposed to internet and facebook at early aged. she is someone who is fast-learning and most up-to-date what ever issues that trending on the internet. so, she's also the reason why i started blogging. there's this one day when i sleep-over at her place, i noticed that she spent most of the time in front of the computer than chatting with us like usually. i kept hearing the sound of keyboard being pressed non-stop. so i was wondering what she's doing typing something long that late-night.

i silently reached to her and found out that she's like writing a long speech to someone. but when she noticed that i stood behind her, she quickly cover the monitor by her hand and told me not to look at what she's doing. without hesitating, i leave her alone doing her thing. i thought that she's writing something to her lover but i don't really think that she had one in such a young age (10 years old).

the next morning, i ask her what that she type last night and she explained it to me. that's the time where i felt a bit excited to create one. and she's the one who taught me how to create it. LOL. i mean, she's 4 years younger than me but her knowledge about blogging was way too better than mine. ok, thanks to her that i create one.

but then i got this one problem. when it comes to tell something, i got this 'describe' problem. i mean, whenever i wanted to explain thing, it never get to the point. just like now. i think most of you wouldn't understand what am i talking about right? it's like im talking a crap here. and my grammar also limited. i am not that someone who can speak english well like you do. if you realize, im using a simple english here; even the kindergarten kids understand every single word that i type.

so, thats the reason why i said that im suck at blogging. it's really nice to see others people blog with nice words and grammar. sometimes, blogging can make my mood down because its hard for me to find a suitable words to put. haha. its weird of me. if you saw lots of grammar mistakes, dont shy shy to laugh at it. because i really do deserve to get a laugh. sebab kalau tidak pandai cakap english, cakap melayu saja la kan? but i refuse to. hoho.

oh! i think that i've been writing much already. it's time for me to do some chores first. thanks for your time to visit :) Have a nice day !