21 March 2014

Dear Diary - part 23

Greetings fellas.

So, as you know, yesterday is the due date for me to die but i put some courage to live. hahaha. i believe you don't understand what i'm talking about right? Okay okay. I don't want to talk about it because it really made me stress out. REALLY! I can't even believe what I get. I'm really sad folks. It seems like my hope got broke into pieces. now, promise me that you guys won't ask me what I get or i'll turn into a monster and eat all of you who'd ask me. hehe. so staaaaappppphhh it already.

To calm my self, I decide to search on youtube how to make an easy a home-made oreo ice-cream without ice-cream maker. To those who interested to make it too, this is the ingredients :

250 ml of Whipping Cream.

100 ml of Condense Milk.

1 tea spoon of vanilla extract.

AND Oreo of course. 

it's easy. Just follow these steps.
1. Crush the Oreo into pieces. (Big or small; any size that you want)
2. Using a mixture, mix the whipping cream from liquid to solid. (p/s: Do not mix too long or it will be watery)
3. Then, pour the condense milk into the whipping cream mixture.
4. Pour the extract vanilla.
5. Put the mixture into a container and put in the freezer for at least 8 hours.

You may use this ingredients to make another flavor of ice-cream that you want. For example, if you want to make a Chocolate flavor you can add (if you are malaysian) 1 Malaysia chocolate powder (I prefer this than Milo because it is softer than Milo powder)

and WALLA!

okay, gambar saya kelihatan sangat buruk.
BUT it taste good actually.
This is my Home-made Vanilla Oreo Ice-cream.
I made chocolate flavor too but i didn't get the chance to took a picture.

Have a try guys!
Enjoy your ice-cream :)