12 March 2014

Dear Diary - part 19

krik krik krik .....

That's the sound of my blog for 2 whole months! wow. that's terrific! I've been gone for two whole months? I didn't even realize that (-.-)" okay, i'm sorry for abandoning you dear bloggy and for those who have been waiting for my next entry.

WAIT! why do i keep talking about that? it's like there's really someone who's been waiting for it but the fact ... non at all! By the way, I'm not seeking for followers or readers. my main point is to record the sweet and bitter memories that I've been through all these times. sometimes i wonder why few people really want people to know them; to be famous. i just didn't get it. if you know what i mean.

ok! so, don't bother about it. maybe that's the way they want to live their life. don't judge people. it's a sin. (is it?) i think so. because, if you don't want people to judge you, then you should not too. bla bla bla, i don't know what i'm talking about. 

20 MARCH 2014.
before that. is there anyone here who is 2013 SPM candidate ? then, i'm pretty sure you know the purpose of that date right ? Yes, it's a date where you would like to dig your on grave and live in it. (for people like me) kidding. it's a lie if i say "i don't scared at all." it's totally a lie if i ever said that because i'm totally scared! people keep saying to me that i looked relax and confident but they don't know behind all of the act. guys, do i really have to show my worried face to you? thank you if you guys concern about me but maybe it'll much better if you guys didn't keep telling me that :)

so, talking about these stuff, i suddenly remembered something on the last day we answered our paper (for science stream students). i don't know if i should say this but lets just think this as a sharing. i'm not talking bad about this person but it's a bit unfair for me for what have that person done. it was our last paper and most of us feel that it was the easiest paper of all. all you need to do is memorizing. BUT! as we get a kind-hearted guardian that time a.k.a just sitting around playing with her phone, that person took the chance to cheat. i saw it with my own eyes. haish >.<! ok i admit that i know lots of 'soalan bocor' (tapi tidak keluar pun) but still i don't have the courage to do such dirty thing. i know we all desperate to have an excellent result but still  that kind of thing is unnecessary.

We need justice! (hehe) but i think there's no such thing as justice in the world right? so, if you and i think the same, why don't we build it again so that the world live in peace? Just an idea of mine. people nowadays getting greedy though. so if you don't change it, who else?

keep that in mind young fella. all of your wrong doings now will be judge at the end of your last breath. wow! stop talking about this already. By the way, wishing you all to get an excellent result (same goes to me too)