11 January 2012

Domo Is mine !

Domo is mine ? But you have it too right ? So , its mean Domo is yours and mine ? haha! Yeah, I knew it. Domo is for all of us ! okay stop!

Actually, I love Domo but I never have it before. That’s why I choose that title. After I admiring the Domo for a long time, today I have it ! [ ketinggalan zaman kan ? ] Himh, poor me. L I am a girl that always can’t get what I want. I just can get it when the popularity of the thing has gone. But, don’t care. Asalkan dapat juga akhirnya. >.<

How can I get that Domo ?

Simple answer. “ He buy it for me when I request it. =) “ Okay, I don’t want to talk about love here. By the way, I need to say thanks to him.
“ Thank You Mr.Rexy! Appreciate it. Big smile for you ! :D “

Well. Although the cute Domo is so small, I am happy for it because I still can hug and bring it sleep with me. I’m gonna tell you one secret. Do you want to know it ? Okay, I tell you. I bring that Domo everywhere I go. Haha! Crazy right ?

Dunno what’s wrong with me. Maybe because it was my first and last Domo ever ! [ I’m gonna request something else after this. Hehe >.< ]
Okay, will keep it. Promise ! So excited ! Thanks sayang ! I love it very much !

p/s:  ignore the last sentence , thank you .. :)