07 January 2012

Last Minute Preparation ..

Hye guys ! So what is the meaning of my title above ? That means, I still got my last year attitude. It’s hard to leave it and today I feel like I ‘ like ‘ my attitude. Haha! Weird right ?

Today is Saturday and I still didn’t buy any of my school stuff yet. I’m going to school on 9hb and I still didn’t have a pair of school shoes ? My gosh ! haha! Going to school using a sandal only. [ haha! Got yell at teacher baru tau !

Ignore me because this is me. “ The last minute person “ haha! Then I’ve got to buy all the things in only one day. Do you think that I’m gonna make it ? himh, let me think first. I think the answer is no.
Peduli la tuh, yang penting ada baju dan kasut sekolah kan ? So, I’m going now.

p/s : The moral value of this story is … emmm … you know it right ? >.<