18 December 2011

Wedding Anniversary

Today is a special day to those who already married because today they will married again which is mean annivesary. It was held at our church. Seventh-Day Adventist church. You know, that day gave me a chance to be beautiful for one day. I mean use a beautiful dress, hehe. Funny huh ? Im not beautiful at all but im pretend to be. haha!

okey, first of all i expect that our church will be full of people to see that anniversary. but when we reached there at 10:30, theres no one there. i take some time to make up my self but when i go out, it was sa sad. i didn't expect that no one coming. i mean, less then i thought.

well, it doesn't matter. no matter how les the people is, our pastor don't care. he started the anniversary as planned. wow ! 23 couple [ husband and wife ] are joining that activities. it was pretty cool. many of them are so romantic. when their wife come to their husband, they being kiss and hug. i was so jealous okay ? and you know what ? i cant wait to married with my beloved one and became Mrs. Rexy. haha! Then we will have a children and live happily together. [ PINNIE ! Whats wrong with you ?! Jauh lagi lah !! ] Okay , dont care bout me.

ouhyaa, before i forget. i've got a flower ! Yeah , we all know right ? a marriage must throw her flower to the audience. and i get it ! want to see ?

wey , look at the flower okay ? don't look at my ugly faces, hehe. Pretty right ? yeah, i like it because our 'MC' said that those who got the flower will married as soon as possible with thier lover. thats why i feel so excited. i hope that it was true. yaa , my impian. hahahahaha! okey , i wrote a long post today. got to go. taa taa icecream ! :)

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