13 December 2011

Updating a little bit only

So today was so boring. im alone here at ' guestroom ' church. waiting my friend back from work. ( betul ke tuh ? ) hehe , hentam je laa. what important is, i feel so so so boring. i text him, but his phone has been use by his brother which is mean ' off '. so, it makes me became more boring.

so, i open my facebook account to play some games. i spent a lot of my time here in front of this laptop. then my friend chat me and ask my blog URL. i give her and ask her how to make my blog more interesting so other people interest to read it. she give me a link and ' walla ! ' .. its done. not much. change a little bit only. lazy to do it right now. just want to make my boring gone.

so im going to text him now and sleep. its sleep time ! thanx reading icecream. a shortpost only. bubye ! mwah ! :)