11 December 2011

i regret it :'(

So today is the day where all the Seventh-Day Adventist waited for. Its a camporee camp !! the whole asia will follow this camp. i am not the participant but im going to visit my friends there. we have planned it to go there. so we depart from here at 1.30 PM and arrived at 3.00 PM maybe. ( forgot oledy ) <--- pelupa ! but before that i need too tell you about someone that i hate the most ! Yuck !! Disgusting !! no lah , just kidding .. :P

before we go there , my mom told me and my brother to follow someone that we already inform to follow him. but when i ask the person that i should follow , he said that the ' disgusting couple ' will follow him. ( yaa , saya memang jahat ) when my mom know it , my mom told us to not follow them because they already full of place. ( Gen-2 jaa ) actually the car can fit 4 people at the back but because of my hate feelings to them , i rather go to another car. i don't want to see they ' bemesra-mesra ' in front of me. Disgusting okay ! i know you will ask me why did i say like that but it's a long long story. will tell you if i rajin to write. 

so , stop talking about the disgusting people. make me sakit jiwa only sejaa. okay , when we arrived at papar my heart getting so jelous when i cant follow that camp. no money lorr. so many people from the overseas! arh ! so so so jelous ouh. but im still happy i came for the first day. ouhya , forgot to tell the place. its located at Kem PLKN Papar.

i go there untill 10.00 PM. huh , im so tired that night. it was so cold and you know what ? i forgot to bring my ' jacket '.. huh make my body shake. if he can hug me that time. haha ! ( angan angan ) arrived home at morning ! i mean at 1.00 am .. haha ! funny. arrived at home terus pigi tidur. ngantuk !! <--- ish , sandii .. haha !!