14 December 2011

Pet pot pet pot ..

Hye there reader ! good morning .. woke up early huh today on this christmast holiday ? yaa , me also. tired to sleep. so , here i am again. blogging all the way. theres nothing to say here. i just want to update my blog again. ouhyaa , before that. i want to tell you about my mood today. SAD ! he mad at me. :'( maybe it was my fault. sorry sayang ! i didnt mean to make you angry. [ kes salah faham lh ni ] but , what can i do ? he said he hate me so damn much ! uuwwaaa :'( hadoi , hidup ni susah jugak kn ? 

sayang , i really hope that you read this post. im so sorry. :'( i didnt mean it , sob sob T.T .. 

- thats all from me today - thank you icecream ! -

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