03 April 2011

I'm Joining This Activity .. ^^

Okay , first of all I want to tell you that sa excited sangat when I know that I've been selected to this camp .. Haha , xD ! 
Dunno how to tell bout my feelings now .. 
I just can't tell you that I am really excited .. 
But felt a little scared cause it is my first activity that I've join from school to another place .. 
Okay , before I know that I will be participate in this activity .. It is Monday and I was in the class .. 
Then , few minute after recess Mr. Yamatus @ [ my friend called him as my father because he always go to my class dan tidak lain lagi lw bkan dy mw cari sa .. hehe .. ] 
How stupid my friend is .. Haha , xD ! 
Okay , he go to my class and called me .. Then , he told me that I agree or disagree to follow this camp .. [ of cause my answer is agree ] Who wants to miss the opportunity right ?? Haha , xD ! 
Just me and Mitchelle Sius yang t'pilih piy .. 
Hehe , just to of us that was selected to represent our school .. Hehe , bangga lr knun sia nh .. Hehe .. Urm , but I'm a little bit confused right now cause I don't know what things I need to take and must take to go there ..  
Cikgu pun yang last minit bru mw ka'C tw pa yg important mw bwa .. Tuh pun sa ma'C g blur2 nh sampai skrang ..  
Arh ! What ever lar .. Let it , which is important to me is to go there .. Feeling impatient to go there but my fear is so strong .. 
We will depart from here to there at 2pm tomorrow .. 
Himh , Mr. Johnny said , " Kamu tia payah pigi sikul pun buli " .. So , lazy lr nh mw piy sikul knun .. Haha , xD ! 
Urm , I think i will write 'till here only cause I might be busy after this .. SUSUN BARANG TYME !!

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