02 September 2011

The Story of September ..

Good Morning sunshine ! And good morning my dear .. Hehe .. Okay, today I woke up early at 7 .. [ Hehe , it that early to you ? Yes it was , for me .. >.<" ] Awal lr tuh kn ?  Urm , today my mommy and daddy are going to have their holiday at Philippines .. Weird right ? It's 4 days left to go to school but they just start to have their holiday .. 

Huh, whatever lr .. Okay, look at my title .. It's about September story .. Himh, so I maybe take so much time to sit in front of this very technology thing to tell you about what I'm gonna tell you .. haha , xD ! 
Okay, stop that nonsense thing .. First of all, I want to ask all the PMR candidate this year ..   " Are you ready to begin the war at 4.10.2011 ? "  Okay, answer me .. I want to know who said yes and who said no .. Because I'm gonna say no for it .. I don't know why, I really don't ready for anything even everything .. 
You know what I mean right ? I mean EVERYTHING !! Okay, I know that you already understand .. So, this is me .. The un-ready-able girl .. haha

Don't know what gonna happen to my future if I'm still like a child that just waiting for his/her mom to gave food .. [ Uishe, peribahasa apa nh ? ekeke >.<" ] After this "Raya" holiday, we gonna face 1 more exam which is called as PMR Trial .. 
Urgh , frust now okey .. Before the holiday, we already face an Excel exam and I disappointed with my result .. I don't get what I expect that I will get .. Arh ! I thought my Mathematics will pass , but it was not .. I HATE Mathematics .. But I'm not gonna give up .. Must go on to reach my ambition .. Huh , I think that's it .. All the best to all students that take big exam like me PMR , him SPM and UPSR .. God Bless Us All !! :)