04 September 2011

Last Raya Holiday .. :(

So , today is the last day of Raya holidays .. 
Oh , how sad .. I can't wake up late any more .. It's my routine every morning ... 
Wake up late then sit in front of this computer .. 
But , after this , I can't do it anymore .. Need to go to school .. Haha! Funny .. 
1 week holiday and my book also have their own holiday .. 
Haha! Never open my book while holiday .. 
Stupid kn ? macam pintar nh tia mw buka buku .. sowttness!!
Okay , don't know what to post again .. I think this time, my post will be short .. 
Ouhyaa , before I forget..
Yesterday, I watch one ' Korean Movie ' which entitle " MY GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMIHO "
* Gumiho mean a fox that has 9 tail *
It is a love story but it is really really really really funny ..
I encouraged you to watch it ..
But, it also have sad scene where your tears can drop suddenly .. 
Huh , the movie was very very great .. 
If can , I want to see it again but I'm running out of time .. 
This is the character in this movie ,

This is Miho or Park Sun Ju ..

She's the one who had 9 tails .. 

and she like to eat meet especially cow .. 
Know why ? because she is a fox who want to change into human .. 

This is Dae Woong who help Miho to get out from the temple .. 

The man that Miho need to choose at last .. Need to ask you , which one is handsome ? I think the teacher was cute .. hehe .. 

 But , she choose Dae Woong at least .. Look how cute they are .. Oh My Gosh !! Haha!

 This is the funniest scene I ever saw in this movie .. haha! sangat2 lucu .. 

Urm , mybe that's from me .. I hope you can watch this movie .. It's funny , sad and about love story .. 
Don't forget to watch it .. taa taa ^^