02 June 2011

Key To My Heart ..

"Something in my mind's not making since. It's been awhile since we've been alone, and I can't hide how I'm feeling. And as you leave me close the door, and don't forget what I said, just because your right doesn't mean I'm wrong. Just another shoulder to cry on. I just wanna use your love, tonight." 


I see I've got the upper hand.
I wonder if you see you've got no safe place to land.
I wonder if your words are true.
Cause I've never been able to read you.

Though I know this second time around.
We'll meet on common ground.
But I'm so happy with life right now I don't wanna love you.
And I think I can prevent it too.

I'm making these promises I don't know if I intend to keep
Because you left my love in a giant heap.
Out in the cold you abandoned my heart.
And day by day you had tore me apart.

Now you're saying you've changed your mind.
You want more now after all this time.
Funny how that works right?
When suddenly you see the sun and come out of the night.

You love me.
Think that's the key?
My hearts locked up tight.
And your key fit right.

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